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OpenSolaris Tour 2009 - Day 1 - Santa Cruz/BRAZIL

Posted by maltron on July 7, 2009 at 1:57 PM PDT


Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world.

In a meantime, OpenSolaris User Group (aka OSUG) from Porto Alegre, is putting together a OpenSolaris Tour around the great metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, not 1 but 2 great events hosts in 2 different cities: Santa Cruz do Sul and Sao Leopoldo

Tirthankar Das did some incredible pictures when he was there and I encourage you to check some of those. (I have to admit, his pictures is WAY much better than mines). Thank you so much Tirthankar.

Diogo Böhm is one of OSUG leader and he did a great job gathering all his peers to watch several OpenSolaris demos and talks. Please check some photos below.


Bruno Souza started giving a talk about the importance of Open Source to your Universitiy and your career.


During the afternoon, we had several InstallFest at University's Computer Science Lab.


During the evening, more people showed up to attend this event. Brian Leonard and Tirthankar Das spoke about some OpenSolaris unique features.


Brian Leonard gave a talk about "Developing beyond localhost", showing how to develop a web application for several platforms. His approach was to show several OpenSolaris's technologies such as ZFS, DTrace and VirtualBox to get the application running smoothly on Windows and Linux.

Lynn Rohrer, Teresa Giacommini and Deirdré Straughan gave a wonderful talk about OpenSolaris's Communities around the World.

Teresa Giacommini, OpenSolaris Community Leader gave a glimpse of what is happening about the Communities around the World.


This will be me, entertaining the audience till the next speaker get set.


Tirthankar gave a awesome talk about OpenSolaris's Clusters. He is one of seniors Engineers and spending time with him, gave me great insights what people in India are doing. It's just good stuff !!!!


By the end of day, OSUG put together a Pizza Party for everyone. Of course, offering Pizza for students ended up pretty fast. However, I think I was able to get a few slices to myself. It was good though :)


We would like to thank everyone for this wonderful opportunity in Santa Cruz do Sul. We're definitely looking forward to do a tour next year.

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I hope everybody had a great time participating the event as much as I had planning and working on it. Thanks everyone!