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OpenSolaris Tour 2009 - Day 1 - Santa Cruz/BRAZIL

Posted by maltron on July 7, 2009 at 1:57 PM PDT


Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world.

In a meantime, OpenSolaris User Group (aka OSUG) from Porto Alegre, is putting together a OpenSolaris Tour around the great metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, not 1 but 2 great events hosts in 2 different cities: Santa Cruz do Sul and Sao Leopoldo

Tirthankar Das did some incredible pictures when he was there and I encourage you to check some of those. (I have to admit, his pictures is WAY much better than mines). Thank you so much Tirthankar.

Diogo B


I hope everybody had a great time participating the event as much as I had planning and working on it. Thanks everyone!