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FISL 2009 Speaker Certificate

Posted by arungupta on July 8, 2009 at 2:37 PM PDT

Received a "certificate of attendance as speaker" for href="">recently
concluded FISL 10.


This is sweet, thanks FISL organizers! It certainly adds a personal
touch to the whole experience.

I don't remember receiving a personal certificate like this :)

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fisl href="">brazil href="">glassfish

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Hi arun, this is exactly what my Footprint Project do :) the distribution of certificates (for attendees and/or speakers). The project is being used by several JUGs and courses and nowadays I am trying to finish a RESTful web-service based on Glassfish and Jersey to make it even simpler to use. And I need a GUI - that http client I tried to talk with you during JavaOne :) Here it is the Certificate generator project: Here it is the REST contract: Here it is a presentation about footprint: * I hope we can still finish the footprint service and also code a nice GUI to the Java community.... * FISL, btw, is exceptionally well organized and it deserves a kudo or two .. :)