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Help with the Java EE 6 training courses and certifications

Posted by robc on July 15, 2009 at 11:12 AM PDT

We are in the process of updating the training and certification materials for Java EE 6.

We've done the first part of the job in collecting and analyzing the tasks that a Java EE developer may be expected to perform as part of his/her duties. Now we'd like to solicit feedback from developers to help us validate this material.

For this purpose, we created five surveys, one per technology area (JSF, Servlets & JSP, Web Services, JPA, EJB). We'd much appreciate if you could go take one or more of the surveys, as appropriate for your experience.

There is no need to log in, but we'd appreciate being able to contact you for any follow-ups.

The survey is remarkably short and compact. You just need to tell us how often you are asked to perform certain tasks, how difficult you find them to be, how important they are for your job and how much training you think is required to learn to perform them. You can also provide us with comments on any objectives you would like to see added or removed from the list of objectives.

The deadline for the survey is July 31st, so please take a minute to do them today. Also, please tell other developers you may know (coworkers, friends, etc.). The broader the response we get, the better tuned the resulting training and certification materials will be.