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Need to compile code that imports JSR-303 javax.validation.*?

Posted by edburns on July 17, 2009 at 2:05 PM PDT

One of my side-jobs at Sun is shepherding JSR-303 into Glassfish.
Because JSR-303 spec lead does such a fantastic job leading the spec,
and JSR-303 RI lead Hardy Ferentschik does such a fantastic job
implementing it, it's pretty easy. My boss requested I write up a Wiki
page describing the integration work, which can be seen href="">here.
The most useful part, of course, is the fact that href="">Glassfish
V3 Preview has full support for version 1.0.CR2 of Bean Validation.
If are using Glassfish V3 Preview, and you have code that depends on
javax.validation classes, you can use this maven repository
information to satisfy your compile time dependencies.


JSR-314 EG Member Dan Allen contributed a simple demo to the Mojarra
project, the source code for which can be checked out from svn url
This demo depends on the version of JSF included with GlassfishV3

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