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Community Corner Podcast: Pavel Suk and Jakub Podlesak on Prague and Java Communities

Posted by editor on July 22, 2009 at 4:17 AM PDT

At JavaOne, in the booth, Jim Wright interviewed Pavel Suk (Director of the Prague Engineering Center) and Jakub Podlesak (head of the Prague JUG) in a Community Corner podcast. Pavel and Jakub are also both members of the Open Source User Group (OSUG) in Prague.

Jim starts out by noting that Prague is a beautiful city, wondering why Pavel and Jakub left there to visit San Francisco. The response was "have you been to Prague?" When Jim said he hadn't, the Czechs expressed amazement: "How can that happen!?"

Jim asked about how Java development got started in Prague. The answer was that, quite a long time ago, several students at one of the oldest universities in Europe, in Prague, were working on diverse concepts that eventually emerged as aspects of JavaEE. The team decided they needed an IDE, and called their IDE work "NetBeans." In 1999, they approached Sun, because Sun was seeking an IDE. Sun decided to acquire this "NetBeans" project team!

The Prague developer community has grown over the years, contributing to OpenSolaris and many other open source projects. In addition, user groups are quite active in the Czech Republic. The Prague JUG is a focal point for Java developers, and for companies that are seeking Java developers. A typical Prague JUG meeting draws about 100 attendees.

So, what draws people to the Prague JUG meetings? Well, there's the pizza and beer... but, actually, the JUG brings in a lot of speakers who talk about the latest cool technologies, which the developers clearly want to hear about. To fully accomodate the Czech developer community, the JUG moves its meetings around the republic, rather than always requiring members to travel to Prague for the meetings.

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. It's exciting to hear about, and feel, the energy that is happening in places in the world I know little about. At the end of the podcast, it's agreed that we all should take the time to make a visit to Prague. Sounds like a good idea to me! So, when's the next Prague JUG meeting??

Visit the Community Corner podcasts page to listen to all the podcasts we recorded at this year's JavaOne (and at prior JavaOne's as well).

In Java Today, the JavaDesktop Community points out Writing PacMan in JavaFX, an interesting tutorial showing how to build a game in JavaFX. I wrote at length about Henry Zhang's JavaFX PacMan article series in my June 11 Editor's blog, PacMan in JavaFX. It looks like Henry has extended his article series since my post. Thanks to the JavaDesktop Community for pointing this out to us!

Danny Coward points out an emerging option for phone applications in Java ME: Bluetooth or NFC ?: "Most new feature phones now have Bluetooth, and so most support the Java APIs to allow Java (and JavaFX) applications to drive it. And as you can see in this survey of Java ME tools, all the major development tools for Java ME phones support the APIs too. You may also have noticed some rather naughty uses of it too."

Abel Avram presents lessons on RIA from Anthony Franco and Gerd Waloszek in his InfoQueue article "Good" Lessons on How To Fail a RIA Project: "In a presentation called Ten Ways to Ensure RIA Failure, Anthony Franco, president of EffectiveUI, gives 10 pieces of advice to those who want their RIA project to fail. Gerd Waloszek, SAP AG, wrote 18 Golden Rules for Bad User Interfaces..."

In today's Weblogs, Sonya Barry writes about Women's Voices - I don't hear them very often here.: "The first Community Leadership Summit was held last weekend in San Jose, California. I attended and become involved in a different kind of discussion about women in tech."

And Cay Horstmann writes about Add an XSD file to Eclipse and Eliminate Those Pesky XML Warnings: "If you work with Eclipse and JSF 2, you too may be annoyed at the little warning triangle that shows up next to all your faces-config.xml

In the Forums, kingdomheart asks How to make JComboBox flash (red color)?: "For example, the user select "cat" from the list of JComboBox, it then fire up an event to load some texts in some of the text boxes. When the user change the content of one of the boxes, the JComboBox (with the selected item is "cat") flash (red color maybe) to indicated that the content of "cat" has been change. That the user need to save. How can I do that? I have done something similar in C# using Window Form Validated and Validating, but somehow it is much harder in java. I been looking around but nothing come close to what I want. Thanks in advance."

danielrech asks Does 'SoftButton' support 'Selected' an 'Pressed' styles?: "I'm trying to configure the 'Selected' and 'Pressed' styles of the SoftButton component in the latest resource editor (LWUIT 1.2), but they don't show in the preview or in the actual MIDlet (e.g. SoftButton.bgColor = 0x0). So my question is: Does 'SoftButton' support 'Selected' an 'Pressed' styles?"

digitalsam007 is facing a problem with JPA - A Complex Relationship Scenario. Help!!!: "Hello friends, I am currently stuck in a complex scenario which I am not yet able to solve with JPA 1.0. The problem statement is as follows - The domain objects concerned in this scenario are User, Mentor, Topic. User U1 can be a Mentor M1 of other User U2 in a particular Topic T1. Again, the same user U1 can also be a Mentor M2 for another User U3 in a Topic T2. Also, User U2 can be a mentor M3 of a fourth User U4 for a Topic T3. As if this was not complex enough, now, User U2 can again be a Mentor M4 for User U1 and U3 in Topic T4. Can anyone help me in implementing this use case in JPA?"

a_schwarte has an issue where WSGEN digests stacktrace when starting in ANT build: "Hey guys, I have encountered another really annoying problem with wsgen. Assuming I have an error in my WebService class. Note: this problem is independent of the error: When I invoke WSGEN from my ANT build script, it digests (i.e. doesn't show) the stacktrace in the output. It just says "Error starting wsgen", which is obviously not very helpful. But when I run the same command from the command line I retrieve a perfectly fine stack trace. Is there any possibility to tell wsgen to print the stack trace, when invoking it from an ANT build script?..."

And this_is_mark asks about Clustering Glassfish across a wide-area network (WAN) ?: "Is clustering Glassfish server instances across a wide-area network (T3/DS-3 connections) a recommended and supported enterprise application environment? Have you successfully done so or know of such Glassfish deployments? We are using servlets, EJBs and JMS. If clustering across a WAN isn't supported or isn't a wise thing to do, why not and what issues will we encounter? I have a colleague that's proposed clustering across our VPN, and while open to new ideas I'm somewhat skeptical."

The current Spotlight is Chris Hegarty's "Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) in Java": "Providing support for Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) in Java has been approved as one of the JDK 7 features. The work of defining the API and reference implementation was done through the sctp openjdk project. This work was integrated into JDK 7 Milestone 3 and is available in all future promotions..."

This week's Poll asks "Do you use open source software (OSS) tools in your daily work?". Thursday is the last full day of voting.

Our Feature Articles include an article by Jeff Friesen, Introducting Custom Cursors to JavaFX. In this article, Jeff shows developers how to leverage undocumented JavaFX capabilities to support custom cursors in versions 1.2 and 1.1.1. Meanwhile, Francesco Azzola's Integrating JavaFX with JavaEE Using Spring and Hessian Protocol shows how a JavaFX client can call remote JavaEE services using the Spring framework and the Hessian protocol.

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At JavaOne, in the booth, Jim Wright interviewed Pavel Suk (Director of the Prague Engineering Center) and Jakub Podlesak (head of the Prague JUG)...