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BDD, Easyb and JDave at the Canberra JUG meeting next week

Posted by johnsmart on September 2, 2009 at 4:46 PM PDT

I am absolutely thrilled to anounce that I will be talking at the Canberra JUG meeting next week (on Wednesday, September 9, to be exact), about BDD in general, and Easyb and JDave in particular:

Behaviour-Driven Development, or BDD, is an excellent development strategy that can help bridge the traditional gap between requirements and implementation. This talk will go discuss the basic principles of Behaviour Driven Development, and look at how it builds on and differs from “traditional” Test-Driven Development. This session will demo two BDD tools: JDave, an open source framework that incorporates BDD concepts into JUnit, and easyb, a DSL-based behavior driven development framework for Java that uses Groovy to let you pretty much write tests that document themselves.

This is the talk I gave with Lasse Koskela at Agile2009 last week. If I have time to do my homework, I might even include some examples of JBehave to round out the talk. See you there!


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Good point

Yes, Cucumber, Cuke for Duke and Spoke are both on my list of BDD tools to compare with Easyb and the others.


Hi, You should also include some Cucumber/Cuke for Duke example, the scenario syntax is very clear and you can run it on pure Java / JRuby or Ruby even with Maven :o) Emmanuel