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Magnolia Conference

Posted by rah003 on September 10, 2009 at 1:16 AM PDT

So it has began ... the first Magnolia Conference ever. And as a good omen, the conference planned for up to 80 participants is completely sold out. Considering the credit crunch and everybody trying to save a money, this seems as a very good sign of the attention the product commands.

The 15 speakers will try to get attention of participants in 2 parallel tracks. The conference was preceded by a Partner Day where participating Magnolia partners met and exchanged their experience with working with Magnolia product.

Pascal opened a conference with brief overview of the history of Magnolia and some statistics showing the growing popularity of the project over the time.

Some of the facts:

  • Right now there are estimated 2500 CE installations
  • over 50 modules, many of those are open source as well and more and more are contributed by partners and users

New reports from analysts:

The one idea that could have been felt behind the keynote could be phrased as "Is it possible to make success with OS project in current environment?" And the talk answered to this question was, yes you can, but you need to keep inovating and attract more attention then ever before. And you need to do all that without actually need for massive investment. Having heard that, one has to wonder how you can achieve something like that and Pascal and Boris answered this as well - the integration is the key. In order to provide more power with the same resources, the integration can help to make the product suitable to wide range of clients, without having to sacrifice any of the functionality ... just allow anyone to exchange any piece in the solution with whatever they like or need. This way in Magnolia you can today exchange not only the backend repository for any other JSR-170 compliant repository, but also in the frontend you can choose between JSP, Freemarker or any other templating language you wish. The two mentioned are supported out of the box, any other can be added just by adding simple Renderer implementation into existing Magnolia installation. And of course there are many other entry points where one can plugin their own implementation instead of some part of Magnolia.

As a side note: I've personally tried to add the Velocity renderer last week and was able to have Velocity based paragraph templates rendered by Magnolia within only few hours (and most of that time was spend reading the Velocity documentation and not writing the renderer ;) )

The keynote ended by the outlook for the future Magnolia development - Boris promissed there will be more Magnolia t-shirts and other goodies :) ... and of course there will be also more releases, new features and all the things that makes for the better product.

And after the keynote was over the two more presentations opened the business and technical tracks with a same high pace with which the keynote itself started the conference.
In case you could not get the ticket, or you just now realized that some of the program at the conference site interests you as well, nothing is lost, the presentations will be made available after the conference online.