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autodeploy-bundles directory has been moved to autodeploy/bundles

Posted by ss141213 on October 4, 2009 at 7:37 PM PDT

autodpeloy-bundles directory has been moved to autodeploy/bundles. In my earlier blog titled Using filesystem operations to manage OSGi bundles in GlassFish, I had mentioned the directory name to be ${domain_dir}/autodeploy-bundles/. Based on feedback from co-developers and users, I have moved it to ${domain_dir}/autodeploy/bundles/. As you may be knowing, ${domain_dir}/autodeploy is already watched by GlassFish server for deployable artifacts. So, having a dedicated subdirectory for OSGi bundles under that directory makes a lot of sense. This change is effective from GlassFish v3 b67. It's just a change in directory name, everything else remains unchanged. So, you can use autodeploy/bundles just like you could use autodeploy-bundles.


By the way, in case you have not paid attention, we have also added a new directory under glassfish/modules called autostart where you can drop OSGi bundles to be automatically part of server runtime. This directory is also watched by Felix FileInstall. bundles from autostart directory are started after server is started. See this discussion for more details.

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