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Wellington Coding Dojo scheduled for October 28

Posted by johnsmart on October 6, 2009 at 3:38 AM PDT

The first session of the Wellington Coding Dojo will be held October 28, at 5:15pm. Thanks to the Wellington Java Users Group for helping to organize this session. The exact location will be announced shortly.

A Coding Dojo is a place where programmers come to improve their skills, by following a pattern similar to the martial arts dojo.

Participants meet a a prearranged time in a room that has one computer attached to a screen. A programming challenge is posed for each session. During the session, the group spends a preset amount of time developing a solution to the challenge. At the end of the session the code is discarded (though it may be archived for future reference and study). The amount of time spent on the problem is fixed. Regardless of the state of the solution, when the time expires, the session is done.

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