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Atmosphere at Oracle OpenWorld Unconference

Posted by jfarcand on October 7, 2009 at 5:32 PM PDT

@jfarcand will talk about the Atmosphere Framework at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld (October 13th Tuesday, 1-2pm). If you are around, come to learn what is Atmosphere and how you can write RESTful and Asynchronous Web (Comet/Ajax Push) application using Scala, JRuby, Java or Groovy!


I will describe what is the Atmosphere Framework and its components, where the community is and how our next release 0.4 is going, demonstrate the framework power using JRuby, Scala, Java and Groovy (via the new Atmosphere Grails Plug In).  I will also talk about the role of the framework in akka (RESTFul Distributed Persistent Transactional Actors),  and conclude by transforming GlassFish V3 into an Atmosphere-OSGI-only Server. Sound like a lot of buzzwords, does it! If you can't come, just follow us on Twitter since everything about the framework and its evolution are twitted on line.