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Retrospectives on the first Wellington Coding Dojo

Posted by johnsmart on October 30, 2009 at 12:06 AM PDT

Earlier on this week, we held the first ever Wellington Coding Dojo session, co-organized with the Wellington Java Users Group. It was a great session. We practiced TDD adding features a small existing application (that I'd written the morning before the session). One interesting thing was that we covered TDD across the whole web application stack, from the web interface down to the domain layer, with only a few short-cuts for simplicity. We investigated how to apply TDD/BDD and ATDD to web layers (using jwebunit and mockito for the controller layer), as well as service and domain layers, on a multi-module Maven application. We even experimented with Dependency Injection with Guice.

This might have been a bit overwhelming for someone new to TDD - a bit like coming in to a karate dojo off the street and sparring with a 4th-dan - but it was fun. Next time maybe we'll focus on a more precise programming problem to explore the tenants of TDD in more detail.

All of the source code we work on is open source - you can view it at any time on Github (

The next Wellington Coding Dojo will probably be a half-day event held on a Saturday morning (possibly November 28) - that way we might even get some Aucklanders :-). I even have a very cool waterfront venue in mind...

On the training front, there are several TDD-related sessions coming up: firstly, the Testing and TDD for Java Developers sessions, 2-day workshops covering all you need to know to do effecting TDD/BDD development in Java, are coming up in Wellington (November 12-13), Auckland (December 3-4), Melbourne (December 8-9) and Sydney (December 10-11). And for the full development lifecycle, check out the Java Power Tools Bootcamps: coming up in Wellington (December 16-20), London (February 15-19) and Paris (February 22-26).

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