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SwingX 1.6 released

Posted by rah003 on November 2, 2009 at 12:24 PM PST

It's already five months since the version 1.0 have been announced at JavaOne. Today, new version of the SwingX have been released.

This release is first Java 6 only compatible release. Setting base line to Java 6 allowed us to drop all the extra code necessary to maintain backwards compatibility for functionality added to the cora Javasince the release of Java 5. So as of today, you can benefit cleaner and leaner code behind API of various SwingX components, such as searching and filtering APIs of JXTable, JXList and other components. Moving to Java 6, you now also get the full Nimbus LAF support.

To keep it short:

As always, thank you for your continuing interest in the project.

Enjoy the release.

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Is the download site down?

Can not get to demo/documentation since Monday!

 Up and running. Must have

 Up and running. Must have been something on the network.

Alternative location for release notes?

as is more down than up, we - okay, okay, read: me :-) - recently decided to have all relevant content at least duplicated somewhere else (personally, I ignore/d swinglabs anyway, the concept is unmaintainable for several reasons, IMO), see:

so the question is: where? Yeah, you guessed rightly, server down again ...


Seems up and running from

Seems up and running from here. Are you sure it was not just a network connection issue? What kind of the error did you got?
As for the alternative location, I used to keep the copy of the release notes here, but with the migration it got lost as well. I can probably always commit them to the svn after the release. Would that be enough?


seems to be back again - this morning got an alert from

and couldn't access (blank page). So don't know what had happened at that time, might have been local to Germany ;-) Commit to svn would be a good first step, but would prefer to have it somewhere more publicly referenceable, like the wiki or an additional document in the release directory in the project's doc&files section.


Great :-)

Another great release. How about swingx-ws, willit be further developed? jxmapkit?

There is no reason not to

There is no reason not to develop it. You might have noticed there were recent commits for example from Fabrizio. As for the release that could probably happen quite soon as well. Maybe if I get time during the devoxx ...
Would you be interested in developing it further?

FYI, I've just committed a

FYI, I've just committed a few changes to SwingX-WS so it now works with SwingX 1.6 and no more depends on the Java 5 SwingWorker.

Yes, I know that the POM can't be changed once published, no problem, as I'm anyway wrapping the stuff in a NetBeans Platform artifact where I was able to "break" the wrong dependency - I just needed to be sure that I was doing the right stuff.

@Fabrizio: Thanks. I slashed

@Fabrizio: Thanks. I slashed the other dependencies already, but this one slipped through. I'll remove it for the next release, but can't change already released pom.

@schumnana: It is already in central repo ... this time the release was there _before_ the announcement. Check out

Where is the official 1.6 maven release (in which repo)

Hello i can see that is not same jar as there is to package into repo2 sources: -> "org.*" and -> " org.*" which is wrong. So i checkout source from and i can see that swingx-core/pom.xml is not the same as into repository ? why ? is it the right source directory ? Regards Christpohe

What makes you think that

What makes you think that jars in repo2 and oss repos are not the same? The oss repo is one into which we upload the files and it is synched automatically with the central. I don't see how those files can be different.
I'm also confused by your comment about packages. When i open the jar, the package seems to be correct. Can you describe the issue in greater details? Thx.
As for the pom in the current trunk, it is not up to date, since that pom belongs to experimental build in hudson and has nothing to do with the release of swingX.

The pb is only for source pakage

Excuse me for my lake of explanation. The error concern only the source package which contains 2 kind of root package: one starting by "org...." and another one starting by " org...." (start with space). The consequence is we can not used this source jar. My second point is i i try to understand how swingx is build (specially for maven usage) and deployed into oss repository. So i can not retrieve the right information for the 1.6 release (but maybe i am not aware of build process). I note that swingx layout is not really optimized for maven usage (normal because it was not the original build tool).. I have a some expertise concerning maven and if you want some help to make a refactoring of project layout and maybe a more efficient maven settings .... i'will be happy to provide some help. Regards.

Excellent news, I'm

Excellent news, I'm upgrading. I've seen that in the POM there's still a dependency to swing-worker v1.1: is it still needed? It shouldn't, as SwingWorker is in Java 6...

Cool news but upload it in maven repository !!!

Can you upload it in the maven repository? Thanks in advance.

SwingX 1.6

Cool - thanks :-) Just a small correction: we still don't support sorting of hierarchical structures, so maybe you should replace "JXTreeTable" by "JXList" - which got the same first-class sorting/filtering support as J/X/Table.


Done, thanks for pointing it

Done, thanks for pointing it out.