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CI of the Arena Project now available to Windows users

Posted by felipegaucho on November 9, 2009 at 3:40 AM PST

With the newcomer href="">Vaadin module I
updated the Arena Project
script to support builds on Windows platform. Not a big deal in terms of
configuration but it is worthy a notification in case you had
tried to build the project before and got frustrated with the href="">Platform
Classifier restricted to the UNIX-family.

Why to use Platform Classifiers? The lack of a
good Maven support for the href="">Glassfish
Command Line Utility for Administration (a.k.a. asadmin)
forced me to adopt a shell script to execute some complementary steps to
my Maven build - then I added some MySql commands as well. After testing the script on Linux, I translated the script to Windows.

Please help in testing the portable build script

Arena PUJ is open-source and you can checkout and build all its
artifacts in few minutes, so if you have ten minutes to donate to my
project, please follow href="">this
instruction and send me your feedback .

It is still a work under progress but I plan to have a stable
script for Linux and Windows before href="">my
presentation at JFokus.

Now available in two flavors!