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Kynetx Impact Conference - notes - afternoon day 2

Posted by haroldcarr on November 19, 2009 at 6:44 PM PST

1:00-1:45 pm
Show Me the Money!
by Kristen Knight, Kynetx VP Product Management

Monetizing cross-site, context-sensitive apps, revenue models, VAR &
Implementor business opportunities.

- generated their own warehousing and distribution infrastructure
  rather than depending on manufacturers or 3rd party distributors

Before Kynetx:
- search engines (3rd party) direct people to YOUR site
- website sales funnel

With Kynetx:
- consumer/community is center
- search engine, web-enabled devices, other people's sites, desktop, on you site

Company loyalty programs
- work on any site - especially competitors
- customers have opted-in

What if you were not beholden to gateways (i.e., search engines)
- percolation - to top of search results

Biz model checklist:
- my community/customers
- delivering value for opt-in
- what will you do better than anyone else?
  service, product, pricing, context
  move up/down the supply chain of existing biz model
- how will I charge
- can I layer revenue by delivering multiple layers of service?

cpm pricing model
- 50k users
- 10 rules/day on a site
- $3/cpm (per thousand views)
- kynetx charges $1.20 per cpm
- 30 days: profit $270
- realistic: 100 placement: profit: $27,000

developer program: sean o'gwin
- sell apps on app center

VAR & Implementor Programs (Dave McNamee)
- b2b

Murali, Billeo
- browser app that acts as assistant to consumer when shopping and
  making payments

3:00-3:45 pm
Content is Dead. Context is King.
by Craig Burton
Novell co-founder & Industry Guru (Burton Group)

What a Purpose-centric, contextual Future means for you

Content is Dead/Content is King

Disruptive but no losers

- content vs context
- context automation
- communication models
- identity models
- golden triangle
- ubiquity

Content vs context
- content: portals, destinations, stickiness, banner adds, pop-ups cookies
- context: mash up, do something, facilitate, cooperate, contextual help, minimal intrusion, selectors

Context automation
- communication models
  organizational vz personal
- identity models
  cookie-based vz selector-based (selector is inevitable)
  selector is identity container
- golden triangle
  selector / rules / data

Fostering ubiquity
- we get lost in beauty of algorithm
- move to make it work
- all endpoints
- don't wait for others to move

Steve and Phillip

KRL: reactive system

Every Friday at Kynetx: visit and have lunch.
Send an email first (in case they are out of town).

Occasional late afternoon/early evening developer get togethers.