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CAFE Instant Messaging Demo with Google Translate API.

Posted by binod on November 27, 2009 at 8:38 AM PST

CommunicationBean defined in SailFin CAFE act as the listener for any communication events. For example, in case of instant messaging between
two SIP clients, a CommunicationBean would intercept all the messages. These messages are available to the CommunicationBean implementation
as POJO. That also mean that, you can implement the business logic in the CommunicationBean.

This example demonstrates using google translate APIs to translate the IM between two SIP users. There is a nice and simple java client for the google translate API that I use for this sample. Take a look at this gist showing the CommunicationBean implementation. The translation is based on the language set in in the HTTP Servlet.

Complete application and steps to execute are available here. And here is the javadoc of the SailFin CAFE.