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Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3.0 released!

Posted by wvreeven on January 6, 2010 at 12:01 AM PST

In the past few month several Java EE 6 related JSRs (Java Specification Requests) have been finalized. The final ballot for them ended on November 30 and all were approved. Today, December 10, 2009, Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3, THE reference implementation of Java EE6, are released.

Four and a half year after the release of Java EE 5 we enter the next Java EE era. GlassFish v3 is the first application server that fully supports all Java EE 6 technologies. The list of supported technologies includes, but is not limited, by

  • Servlet 3.0
  • JSF 2.0
  • WebBeans
  • CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection)
  • Bean Validation
  • EJB 3.1
  • JPA 2.0
  • JAX-RS

GlassFish v3 can be downloaded in two flavours. The first one contains all of the Java EE 6 technologies, the second one contains all technologies that are specified in the Java EE 6 Web Profile specification.


If there was only one GlassFish v3/Java EE 6 thing I'd like to mention then it would be that Java EE has become more powerful than ever before. Now we can do with annotations instead of XML configuration, we can do without ear files because war files are sufficient, Ajax has been standardized, and asynchronous calls are supported all the way from the client almost down to the database. And now you can do all that with GlassFish v3. A reason to celebrate? You bet it is!

For those wanting to know all there is to know about GlassFish v3, please attend the Virtual Conference on December 15. For more info, see the conference flyer. You may also want to visit the GlassFish Community Home-page and the GlassFish Enterprise Home-page (should be live any moment now). Finally, you can download the Java EE 6 SDK and find even more info at the Java EE 6 homepage.

This blog entry was originally posted on the AMIS Technology Blog.


Wrong date

For some reason this entry was set back to Draft. I just republished it and the blog date was set to today, January 6, 2010. Feels kind of silly :-)

Feels kind of silly Talking

Feels kind of silly Talking about silliness :), are web beans and cdi the same? and why is there no version for web beans, cdi and bean validation?

Difference between WebBeans and CDI

No, WebBeans and CDI are not the same. CDI is a very simple dependency injection mechanism, while WebBeans extends CDI and adds more injection annotations and more scopes (among other things). They don't have a version, I guess, because first releases of specs hardly ever have a version.