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Update on Dynamic Language support in GlassFish v3 Final

Posted by vivekp on December 10, 2009 at 9:47 PM PST

GlassFish v3 is out now. This release brings in expanded and mature suport for dynamic languages based frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Grails and Lift. 

Here is a quick update:

Ruby on Rails

GlassFish v3 is Ruby aware. It ships with JRuby container to host Ruby Rack applications. We have made lots of improvements in our Ruby support and make GlassFish run it faster. See Eileen's blog on JRuby performance tuning on GlassFish v3.

  • Robust support for Rails, Merb, Sinatra work out of the box.
  • Full Rack compliance
  • Run any Rackup script to hook in any Rack based framework
  • Administration and Monitoring using asadmin CLI or Admin console
  • See how would you go about monitoring and administration of Ruby on Rails or an Rack based application.

  • Many bug fixes

Python and Django

Python and Django applications can be deployed just like Ruby applications. See a blog posting on running Django application on GlassFish.

  • More bug fixes to Jython container
  • Jython container can be obtained from GlassFish UpdateCenter
  • $ glassfishv3/bin/updatetool

    Jython UpdateTool


Due to resource constraints and some technical issues some of the planned features could not be implemented. Here is a quick summary.

  • Grails production war works OOB
  • shared-war not supported in Grails 1.x
  • For shared-war to work with Grails 1.x JIRA issues 5174 and 5175 need to be addressed in Grails. You can follow the development at GlassFish IT 6459.

  • run-app does not run with Embedded GlassFish. There have been some issues and at some point in time in the future it will be implemented. 

We are definitely looking out to the community to help us improve GlassFish to be the best platform to support all Grails features.


Scala and Lift produced WAR file works well on GlassFish v3. We need to make more progress on working with Lift community to include embedded GlassFish maven plugin to include in the Lift archetype generated maven pom file.

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I cannot seem to find the repository of the source code for wsgen that is shipped with Metro 2.0. You are listed as the author, so I thought I would ask you where to find it, since everything else I've tried has failed. Thanks!