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Posted by terrencebarr on December 22, 2009 at 4:18 AM PST


  • Dec-23-2009: At the time of this post some, but not all, wikis and forums had been brought back up. I am told that now all forums and wikis are fully operational. However, there are still some problems posting to blogs from external blogging clients - this is being worked on.

After the attack last week now has been restored and should be (mostly) functional, including the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. Please note that recently added content may still be missing and needs to be reposted.


-- Terrence

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"Recently added" Content

Exactly how far back does "recently added" go? The JMFQuickStartGuide javapedia article I wrote & posted in August is gone...just flat-out gone. I link to that article nearly everyday answering questions on forums, which is why I wrote it in the first place... and I put it here to try to grow the Javapedia, which seems like a pretty worthless effort on my part right now with the Javapedia being stripped out however much content.... Will the missing Javapedia articles (specifically mine, because I'm selfish) be restored? It was posted 5 months ago for crying out loud...

August seems to be the cut-off...

at least that's what I'm seeing in the swingx wiki - latest changes about in the middle of August. Can't really tell, though, as we didn't have much writing since then: but most probably lost the updates to the change history before releasing 1.6 (or had been extraordinarily lazy - which is probability > 0 :-)

Happy holidays nevertheless



Missing: Archived home-page for 12th Nov

The archived home-page for 12th Nov 09 seems to be missing. The archive list for Nov ( has a distinct gap at 12th Nov. And the link to the editor's blog for 12th Nov ( leads nowhere

Still very broken

I still can't post to the Project Wonderland forum, and the wiki pages are still inaccessible. If somebody told you this has been fixed, they are misinformed. Just click on the wiki link at left, get:
The content area is offline for maintenance. Project access is still available via "". A listing of projects can be seen here. We will be back online shortly. Thank you for your patience. Thank you, The Team

Unfortunately, that's not true ...

... still impossible to write: trying to either produces an error page with a lengthy stack trace or references to a completely unrelated arbitrary post (see the recent messages with null subject in swinglabs) which evaporate after some time. Wiki still off, big chunks of archived blogs missing last time I looked.

Hope they get it _really_ up again soon


Have you given any consideration to sharing the post-mortem plans with the community? There is a lot that we could all learn about how the attack took place, and most importantly, what steps has taken to ensure similar attacks are mitigated.

Perhaps this would be an opportunity to tie back to some of the recent blog posts on the OWASP Top 10; something like how that guidance has helped select appropriate security defenses.

Just a thought.

FYI I Havn't been able to

FYI I Havn't been able to post on SwingX forums yet without errors:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid capacity: 0 at com.jivesoftware.util.LongTree.( at at at at org.apache.jsp.thread_002dthreaded_jsp._jspService(

Also the SwingX Wiki still appears to be missing? any news on when the Wikis might be restored? (showing the restore-in-progress page)?

Formatting please ;-)


not soo obvious - but below the input box is a link "Input format" where you choose - which unforturnate default is Full html which doesn't take line/paragraph breaks automatically