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V3, Java EE 6 and SIP Servlets

Posted by binod on December 11, 2009 at 11:00 AM PST

Much awaited GlassFish V3 is released today. The modular, OSGI based Java EE 6 product has been making headlines for some time now. I have been experimenting V3 for some time now, basically from the POV of SailFin and SIP Servlets. Here are some items on top of mind that are relevant for SIP Servlets and next SailFin release.

  1. Doing a modularized OSGI based SIP Servlet Container and SailFin CAFE is probably the most obvious item
  2. Java EE 6 has standardized module names and application names. That will be applicable for SIP Servlets, especially since application composition in SIP Servlets is based on SIP module names.
  3. The new JNDI namespaces introduced in Java EE 6, especially the module name is quite applicable for SIP Servlets. The current SIPFactory and SIPSessionsUtil lookup should benefit from the newly introduced namespaces (global, module,app) etc along with namespaces. Take a look at Java EE 6 specification (chapter EE5.2.2) for more details.
  4. The servlet extensibility introduced in the latest servlet specification is certainly applicable for SIP Servlets also, especially since Converged Application Frameworks are on the rise
  5. Asynchronous servlets and EJBs would help converged application development, since communication protocols are much more asynchronous than the Java EE technologies and hence it will be a good mechanism for integrating communication with
  6. CDI (JSR 299) is certainly important for SIP Servlets as well. Looking forward to using it for SailFin CAFE

Are there any thing else, you would like to see in SailFin v3? Do send e-mails to sailfin mailing lists (