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Java Tools Community Will Attend Two Conferences Next Week

Posted by editor on January 21, 2010 at 5:49 AM PST

The Java Tools Community has announced Issue 209 of the Java Tools Newsletter, the first issue in 2010:

A new edition of the newsletter is available, with news, new projects and tips! If you want to receive the newsletter by email, please subscribe the announcements mailing list - or read the current issue here.

This edition leads with news about two conferences that will be attended and covered (via Twitter) by the Java Tools team next week: Campus Party and Jfokus.

Campus Party, which takes place January 25-31, in Brazil, covers "internet, new technologies, social networks, and everything computer related... There are tents, food and a complete infrastructure so geeks can have the time of their lives." Now, in English, the name of this event may sound simply like a great big, well, campus party for geeks. But the Java Tools community assures us that "Java and open source are an important part of the conference." OK, well, I definitely look forward to reading the Java Tools tweets that come out of this one! ;-)

Java Tools team members will also be attending Jfokus, which takes place January 26 and 27, in Sweden. Jfokus is "the largest annual conference for those who work with Java in Sweden" and includes "insightful speakers, remarkable content, plentiful sessions to spark the imagination." On the Jfokus site's training courses page, I see that Kirk Pepperdine will be in presenting a 5-day Java Performance Tuning Workshop that begins during the Jfokus conference. Other headline Jfokus speakers include Nati Shalom, CTO and founder of GigaSpaces; Emily Bache, agile methods and test-driven development expert; and Gillaume Laforge, the Groovy project lead.

In addition to following the activities of the Java Tools team at Jfokus via Twitter, you can also follow the Jfokus Twitter user.

The Java Tools Community also plans to be involved in the GeeCON 2010 conference, May 12-14, in Poznan, Poland. GeeCON focuses on "Java-based technologies, dynamic languages, RIA, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing and much more." The call for papers is now open.

Check out Java Tools Newsletter - Issue 209 for more information on Java Tools Community involvement in these conferences and other community news.

In other Java Today stories, Alexismp reports on an EJB 3.1 interview on the GlassFish Podcast:

Adding to the earlier series of JavaEE 6 / GlassFish v3 interviews, the latest episode of the GlassFish Podcast is an interview on EJB 3.1 with Ken Saks, the specification lead and tech lead of the GlassFish EJB implementation. This is a two-part interview with part 1 focusing on the new features of the specification - packaging in WARs, the no interface view, EJB lite, Calendar-based timers, async calls, and more. The second part...

Dustin Marx continues reproducing infrequently-seen Java errors in Reproducing "too many constants" Problem in Java:

In my previous blog post, I blogged on the "code too large" problem and reproduced that error message. In this post, I look at the very similar "too many constants" error message (not the same thing as the question too many constants?) and demonstrate reproducing it by having too many methods in a generated Java class. With a few small adaptations, I can adjust the Groovy script...

In today's Weblogs, due to there being a lot of news I wanted to cover, and the fact that we have only three daily slots for Java Today entries, I posted a couple blogs pointing people to additional items of interest. One post highlighted a ComputerWorld article titled Apache focuses on Java RIA effort, in which author Paul Krill reports:

The Apache Software Foundation on Tuesday is making Apache Pivot, a platform for building rich Internet applications in Java, an Apache Top-Level Project and also is releasing Version 1.4 of the technology, the organization said Tuesday. Pivot combines productivity and usability features of a modern RIA toolkit with the Java platform, according to Apache. Pivot applications, according to the foundation, are written using Java and XML and can be run either as an applet or as a standalone (or offline) desktop application...

I also pointed out Dalibor Topic's latest OpenJDK roundup. Here's the start of Dalibor's post:

The last roundup was two weeks ago, so it's time for another one. The JDK 7 project released build 79. The list of changes for this build has bug fixes for compressed oops, G1, more work on JSR 292 and build infrastructure for modules. In the Jigsaw project, Mark Reinhold posted a draft for a simple file format for modules. Over in the Da Vinci VM project...

John Ferguson Smart announces his speaking role at Scrum 2010 - the Agile event in New Zealand in 2010:

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at Scrum 2010 this March in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Scrum 2010 is shaping up to be one of the major agile conferences in New Zealand this year, with the likes of Dr. Jeff Sutherland (the creator of Scrum), Jens Østergaard (the world's first Certified Scrum Practitioner) and Gabrielle Benefield (former Senior Directory of Agile Development at Yahoo!). Not to mention some well-known local celebrities such as Russell Healy, Ian Ross and Sandy Mamoli...

In the Forums, bhanu_srikanth has questions about Video Playback in OpenCable Simulator: I am trying to get an mpeg background video to play in the OpenCable Simulator Frame but so far it has not worked. I am setting the video file name in Channel Properties dialog...

hitekshu finds that the LWUIT Dialog.dispose() does not work every time: Hi, I am showing a dialog by creating an instance and dispose it using a timer. It gets disposed the first time but if i try disposing it again after showing it, it still remains on the screen. The dialog does not disappear...

thomas2004 has A question about JVM activ thread count: I installed the applications on Jboss Application Server which installed on LINUX. I noticed that every time if the so-called jvm-activ-thread-count goes high, the Jboss server will crash. Someone knows why? how can I prevent the jvm-activ-thread-count going high?

Our current Spotlight is Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine's Testing with the GlassFish Maven plugin and JavaDB Embedded: "Having GlassFish v3 usable in embedded mode made it easy to create a maven plugin with multiple goals (see this previous entry). This in turn makes it easy to configure the plugin for maven-driven unit testing. Here's an example..."

This week's Poll What is your favorite Oracle/Sun supported IDE?. Voting will end on Friday.

We've just published a new Feature Article, Maven Repository Managers for the Enterprise, by John Smart. We're also featuring Jeff Friesen's Reading Newsfeeds in JavaFX with FeedRead, in which Jeff demonstrates how to apply JavaFX's RSS and Atom newsfeed capabilities to create a snazzy little JavaFX app that can run stand-alone or in a browser.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobile Podcast 92: MIDP 3.0 in Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations: Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 In Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations session with Roger Riggs, Lakshmi Dontamsetti and Stan Kao.

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-- Kevin Farnham

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