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YANPAs: They're Everywhere!

Posted by kfarnham on February 10, 2010 at 10:25 PM PST

Where I live (Connecticut, US), a popular bumper sticker is "Motorcycles Are Everywhere!" That's what I was reminded of as I surveyed the past week's posts by Geerjan Wielenga, and saw that he has discovered several interesting YANPAs (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application, as he sometimes calls them). It really begins to appear that, like motorcycles, YANPAs are indeed everywhere! Furthermore, you find YANPAs even in the coldest months!

In the past week, Geertjan has posted:

As usual, what impresses me is the variety of the applications, and the fact that several of these applications address situations where a high level of reliability and availability is required.

Indeed, YANPAs are everywhere. But they're also very often found in mission critical situations. That's impressive!

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