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Parallel Programming Talk: Addressing the Multicore Challenge

Posted by editor on February 15, 2010 at 9:59 AM PST

In this week's Spotlight, we're highlighting Aaron Tersteeg's Parallel Programming Talk show, which is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:00 AM US Pacific Time (16:00 GMT). This past week's show featured Dr. Danny Dig of the University of Illinois. The topic of discussion was "Refactoring (Parallelizing) Java Applications." A few weeks ago, Paul Guermonprez was Aaron's guest, with the topic of conversation being "Parallel Java."

Parallel Programming Talk covers the broad spectrum of issues related to the parallel programming that will be necessary if developers are going to meet the challenges of developing apps that fully utilize the many processor / many core computers that are likely to become predominate in the not too distant future. More than 60 Parallel Programming Talk shows have been broadcast since the series began in July 2008.

What started out as a fun idea has ramped into a growing community of interest. The format is simple; a few news announcements followed by a brief conversation about parallel programming tools, technology or application. Guest on the show have included Microsoft, Interactive Supercomputing, Axceleon, Intel Engineers and Academics.

The whole show runs 30min and is recorded over a phone line, simple enough to have anyone in the world as a guest on the show. The show streams live using the free Blog Talk Radio network and is available for replay or download via and iTunes.

Reflecting on how things got started Aaron states, "Earlier this year our team was challenged with finding an innovative and low cost way to get our message out to a broader audience. I had heard about Josh Hilliker and other podcasters success with Open Port Radio and thought that I would give it a try. I've been delighted with the results and the growing level of interest."

You can watch the "Parallel Java" show (with Paul Guermonprez) on demand; or you can listen to the MP3 by going to the Parallel Programming Talk home page. The "Refactoring (Parallelizing) Java Applications" broadcast, featuring Dr. Danny Dig, is currently available at the ISN TV site. Once it's no longer there, you'll be able to find a link for watching it on demand on the Parallel Programming Talk page.

In Java Today, Dustin Marx talks about JAX-RS 1.1: What's New?:

Srini Penchikala's InfoQ article Java EE 6 Web Services: JAX-RS 1.1 Provides Annotation Based REST Support provides a concise (fits on one printed page!) high-level overview of JAX-RS 1.1, some of the commonly used JAX-RS annotations, and some common implementations of JAX-RS 1.1. It's definitely worth the short read for anyone just starting to learn about JAX-RS. JAX-RS 1.x has been developed under the Java Community Process via JSR 311 ("JSR 311: JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services")...

The Continuous Blog presents the first edition of This Week in Plugins:

Since this is the first "This Week in Plugins" (TWiP), I'm trying a fairly basic format out. I'm debating how much information I want to include in these, while I would like to include details on "what's changed" for each plugin over the course of the week, the means of fetching that information would be incredibly tedious (read: no fun) since there's not particularly any standard meta-data to be scraped from the wiki. Duplicates have been pruned from the list, meaning the latest release of a plugin is what's being shown; sorting is also by day of release then alphabetical...

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics site includes a Geo View panel that's written in JavaFX. An email sent out by the JavaFX Project Team invites us to:

Join sports fans around the globe and explore the Olympic Winter Games results in a whole new way. Medal results from Chamonix 1924 to Vancouver 2010 come to life in an engaging, interactive JavaFX application. Comparing countries medal results is now more exciting than ever. Learn more about how you can develop game-changing applications with JavaFX at

In today's Weblogs, Ahmed Hashim posted Spring Roo, a quick note:

I was going through the documentation of Spring Roo, version 1.0.1 while preparing a talk for JDC 2010 about the Spring Roo .. No need to mention the Roo is awesome, amazing and not Magic :-) Ben Alex, Stefan Schmidt did a great job really in this project. Smart architecture "The automated startup-time scan is also very useful as you upgrade to newer versions of Roo"...

John Ferguson Smart announces Acceptance-Test Driven Development - Bring Developers and Testers Together with easyb: the video is now online:

I recently gave a talk at SkillsMatter about Acceptance-Test Driven Development in general, and using easyb for Acceptance Tests in particular. You can now view the video of the talk here. The talk summary is as follows: "Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) are powerful techniques, helping developers write better designed, more maintainable and more reliable code, and stay focused on the real user requirements. But how does the rest of the team fit in to the picture?"...

Kohsuke Kawaguchi talks about ASM incompatible changes:

ObjectWeb ASM is a great library that's used to parse Java class files. It's used in all kinds of projects, such as Hibernate, Corba, JAX-WS, Jersey, Spring, Hudson, to name a few. But I have a pet peeve to this otherwise great library, namely its insistence on small size (which by itself isn't a bad thing), and its consequences. One of the choices that made to achieve this was to omit the debug information entirely from the class files...

In the Forums, table1 wonders which will be best careerwise, Learning New Technologies/Frameworks Or Sticking to Core Java?: Hi, I am a java professional with more than 4 yrs experience in software development. I am interested and keen on working on core java but I am always confused about my career on whether I should focus on learning new frameworks/technologies...

In the JavaFX forum, arun10427 has questions regarding TCP chat client using J2ME midlet: Hi all, I am new to Midlets and I want to develop a TCP chat client using J2ME midlet. I have a perl script for the TCP server and I have attached the TCP chat client . Right now, it is just sedning one message to the server,but I want the...

In the JavaSE forum, aucun posted Need help with JCreator and JDK 6 update 18: JCreator found the jdk home folder but needs the docs folder and i can't find it, can someone point me to where it is or what to do about this. I'm running windows 7 i haven't downloaded java i just downloaded jdk 6 update 18...

Our current Spotlight is the Intel Software Network's Parallel Programming Talk: Parallel Programming Talk is a weekly broadcast topics related to parallel programming (including Java) for multicore processors. Listen to Parallel Programming Talk LIVE every Tuesday at 8:00AM Pacific Time on Blog Talk Radio. Watch Parallel Programming Talk LIVE every Tuesday at 8:00AM Pacific Time on Intel Software Network Television.

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Our latest Feature Article is Maven Repository Managers for the Enterprise, by John Smart. We're also featuring Jeff Friesen's Reading Newsfeeds in JavaFX with FeedRead, in which Jeff demonstrates how to apply JavaFX's RSS and Atom newsfeed capabilities to create a snazzy little JavaFX app that can run stand-alone or in a browser.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobile Podcast 92: MIDP 3.0 in Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations: Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 In Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations session with Roger Riggs, Lakshmi Dontamsetti and Stan Kao.

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