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OTN Tech Cast LIVE: Justin Kestelyn Interviews Mark Reinhold

Posted by editor on February 17, 2010 at 6:20 AM PST

Yesterday, in a live Tech Cast event on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), Justin Kestelyn interviewed Mark Reinhold. The interview is currently available in full bandwidth, and it will be available in Brightcove and audio-only versions within the next few days. [Note: a lower bandwidth edition is now available at] If you are familiar with Mark's work, you'll not be surprised to find that Java 7 was the central topic of conversation.

Attendance at the live event peaked at about 80 people. The interview occupied about 30 minutes, and included a question and answer period where Mark addressed questions from the audience that were submitted via Facebook or Twitter.

Mark cited four primary objectives for Java 7:

  1. Modularity - make Java scalable downward, for customizable use on small devices; this will also address the "jar hell" problem once and for all
  2. Multilingual support
  3. Make Java a more productive language, through improvements like Project Coin, the new diamond operator, strings and switch, and JSR-203 (NIO.2)
  4. Performance improvements - Hotspot and JRockit VM development, parallel array, closures (which will make implementation of parallel array structures much more convenient)

In response to a question from Justin, Mark said that upcoming Milestone 6 release will likely include the diamond operator and strings and switches, and subsequent near-term milestone releases will include a new Python-like syntax for initializers and elements from Project Jigsaw (modularity).

After a brief discussion of the history of the closures debate, the floor was opened to questions.

Visit the oracletechnologynetworklive page at LiveStream to watch the interview [or at if you prefer a lower-bandwidth view].

In Java Today, heathervc announces that the JCP will soon be selecting 2010 Star Spec Leads:

The program office is preparing to select the 2010 Star Spec Leads, as announced in the December 2009 newsletter. Do you have candidates for 2010 Star Spec Leads? Please post them here or send email to heather at jcp dot org, if you would like to nominate a Spec Lead for this honor.  Please include a couple of sentences in support of your nomination and keep in mind the selection criteria ...

alexismp writes about Java EE 6 momentum, stretching the Jersey boundaries and a bit of GlassFish:

Java EE 6 adoption and overall momentum is still going strong. In the past few days there's been a InfoQ piece on how compelling EJB 3.1 are, a blog post by the Caucho folks around the Java EE 6 Web Profile which they intend to support soon in their Resin product, while Mert has a detailed step-by-step "Getting Started with Java EE 6" document featuring a demo application focusing on JSF (using PrimeFaces), CDI, among other things...

Kirill Grouchnikov presents Swing Puzzler #1:

don’t like programming puzzles. If a small piece of code does not do what it appears to be doing after skimming through it, it is either the problem in the code itself, or the underlying libraries that it is using. Code should be easy to read, and easy to understand. This is why i didn’t enjoy any of the “Java puzzles” sessions during the last few JavaOne conferences. I have the original book and i’ve seen the presentation slides. Personally, i don’t think that i can learn much from them – except seeing that the puzzles originate from the intricacies of the language specification ...

In the Weblogs, the Continuous Blog has two new posts about the new Hudson 1.346 release. In Hudson 1.346 Released, Tyler Ballance breaks down the 1.346 release in terms of bugs fixed and enhancements. The very interesting follow-on blog by Kohsuke Kawaguchi is Performance improvements in 1.346.

On the Java ME SDK Team Blog, Tomas Brandalik provides First aid when emulator doesn't start:

We have got few bug reports about not starting emulator. After some research we would like to summarize possible causes. 1. Freshly installed windows doesn't have msvcrtXX.dlls. Got to folder runtimes\cdc-hi\bin and copy Microsoft.VC80.CRT into runtimes\cldc-hi-javafx\bin. This problem will be fixed over autoupdate soon. 2. Problem with localhost...

Markus Karg discusses What HATEOAS actually means:

These days there is much discussion about REST and HATEOAS, and many people feel urged to reinterpret what HATEOAS means or what Roy Fielding's often-cited dissertation allegedly would say in their understanding, and what HATEOAS should be implemented like therefore. While I first felt amused about this "dispute about nothing" (just ask Mr Fielding if you don't understand what his dissertation tells us; no need to guess), the longer I follow those (in part ridiculously wrong) assumptions and myths, the more myself feels urged to stop those and shout: "Guys, before discussing your ideas, first learn what Mr Fielding's idea was!" ...

In the Forums, mangelo has a problem where Glassfish v3Domain 1 start failed: This is from a brand new installation with NetBeans 6.8. I just right click on the server instance and try to start it. Here is the IDE log:WARNING [org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.dd.impl.web.model_2_5.ServletMapping]:...

In the LWUIT forum, digitalsol asks about Menu commands separators: Hello, I wanted to ask if it's possible to add a separator between the commands in the menu ? Thank you in advance

In the Metro and JAXB forum, aparolini is seeing a jaxws-maven-plugin bug with dependencies of type POM: Hello, I didn't find any issue tracker for the jaxws-maven-plugin, so I do this post here. I spent 2 days on a very odd bug using the wsgen under the jaxws-maven-plugin. I finally find my way out by patching jaxws-maven-plugin. This patch just exclude the dependencies of type POM from being added to the wsgen command line...

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