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Did you say JUG ? Java User ... What ?

Posted by bonbhel on February 28, 2010 at 1:36 AM PST

Is it still possible to ask this question in 2010?

Isn’t the answer obvious ?

Well no ! It was the question I was asking myself three years ago, even though I had been working as a consultant and Java trainer for seven years. In 2007, my ex-colleague Éric Marcoux (Oracle ACE Director) suggested I join JUG Québec (Canada). I said JUG ? Java User…What ?

Several months later, I went to JavaOne 2008 and when I saw so many developers, architects, engineers from so many countries and so many amazing projects...

... and heard Matt Thompson (ex-SUN) and nearly 40 JUG Leaders talk about importance of the Java community at «Think Globally and Act Locally» session and met Micheal Levin the co-founder of the impressive West African JUG in Senegal, the question wasn’t «What’s a JUG?» anymore but rather «How can a sense of community and belonging be fostered among Java developper in Africa ?». For me the need of JUG-AFRICA became evident.

After talking with Java developpers across Africa, I think JUG-AFRICA could help address

  • How to take part in international and regional events ?

  • How to increase the visibility of the communities accross the word ?
  • How to create link with Java communities across the word ?



Wonderful idea. . .As a

Wonderful idea. . .As a nigerian, the only java community i know are my few friends whom we code together and discuss tech stuffs. . .I have joined the West African JUG and the African JUG and hope to participate actively. . . Nice idea dude. . .

I think it is very useful to have one place to plan and share kn

Thank you, I think it is very useful to have one place to plan and share knowledge and experience related with African context.