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JUG-AFRICA Cooperation plan and agenda

Posted by bonbhel on March 7, 2010 at 9:29 PM PST

 There is my proposal for JUG-AFRICA agenda. Everyone is free to  comment and add interesting ideas.
I will detail each point in this blog later.

  • Continue to affiliate JUGs and share our experience with new JUGs.

  • Elect a president and a vice president  (last week of april 2010) : It will be very open process. Each JUG will propose one candidate and the two canditates with the most votes will be elected president and vice-president.

  • Increase our visibility both internal and external (very important) :


External : Becoming partner of  community events and projects. Two months ago, I started talking with one of DEVOXX organizer. We will be part of « Supporting JUGs » for Devoxx2010. In return for this, Devoxx will publish JUG-AFRICA info on the Devoxx website and give away 1 free entrance ticket.


Internal : All affiliated JUGs should add the JUG-AFRICA logo on their website and sometimes mail to their members information about JUG-AFRICA activities or events.

  • Look for sponsors and partners to support and promote our annual events and negotiate bulk discounts for books, events...for all members of affiliated JUGs and sometimes giveaways for specific local JUG meetings.

  • Find a way to make the conference calls or Webnar promoted by all JUG Leaders (need high speed connection wich is not available in all African region ) every two month.

  • Attending regional events (JDC2011 and others future events) and international events (JavaOne/Devexx/Jazoon/OSCON etc.).

  • Organizing new annual regional events in West Africa (Senegal), Central (Maybe in Congo) and South  (South Africa) regions.

  • JCP membership (in progress) : Of course it’s not a big deal and all JUGs can have it free of charge but I think it will give an opportunity to all members of affiliated JUGs to participate immediately in the JCP through their association with JUG-AFRICA.




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nice. . i am a nigerian based

nice. . i am a nigerian based in nigeria and i would love to be part of this. . .but there is no active JUG i know of here in nigeria. . can i be a direct member to the JUG Africa? Nice initiative though and looking forward to working woth you

Anyone can participate in the ongoing activities of JUG-AFRICA

Hi Lukman !

Yes, Anyone can participate in the ongoing activities of JUG-AFRICA by subscribing to the mailing list. Also you could join the AbujaJUG ( led by my dear Bulama Yusuf.

hoh good

hoh good