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TDD/BDD/ATDD Workshop in Melbourne in April

Posted by johnsmart on March 18, 2010 at 2:09 PM PDT

The Testing and TDD for Java Developers workshop is coming to Melbourne again on April 15-16.

In my experience (and that of many others), when done well, agile developer testing practices can have a huge and lasting impact on higher code quality, better designed and documented code, more relevent code, and reduced defect rates.

This session is a very practical and pragmatic TDD/BDD workshop, where students spend two very full days writing a real Java application using Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development techniques along with a variety of tools, including the latest features of JUnit 4.7, mocking and stubbing effectively with Mockito, BDD-style acceptance tests with easyb, Selenium and JWebUnit, database testing with DBUnit, Continuous Testing with Infinitest, and more!

The course also covers good unit testing tips and tricks, unit testing patterns, and even how to test Legacy applications. I've been getting great feedback from ("the best course I've ever been on" was one comment - another said something along the lines of "now I finally 'get' TDD").

You can find more details about the course, and book online, here. In addition, before the end of March the course is going for $1600 AUD, $250 off the list price of $1850. As usual, we are also offering government and group discounts as well - just ask.

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How about student discounts?

How about student discounts? ;)

Student discounts

Yes, very generous student discounts are certainly possible - please get in touch directly and we'll sort something out.

Thx for that. Just did.

Thx for that. Just did. Cheers,