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No Formal Arrangement/Agreement Exists between and Sonatype

Posted by kfarnham on March 23, 2010 at 1:58 PM PDT

You may have heard about an announcement about a formal arrangement between and Sonatype. Unfortunately, this announcement is premature at best. While Oracle has talked with Sonatype in the past few weeks, there is no contract in place at the moment. We are committed to providing better support for Maven in the future, but we are exploring several options. As soon as we have made a final decision, we will make a formal announcement on

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Sonatype and

I never said there was a contract in place. I said Oracle had contacted us, and asked us to help them. Also that we just started helping because we honestly have no idea how long it will take to pass through official channels and but that doesn't stop us from making the necessary reparations for which there is a dire need. We have a statement of work, and we have talked with Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart and Kohsuke Kowaguchi. This didn't just emerge from the ether. We have the content from the repositories and we are going to fix the problems. The interesting thing about Open Source is that we can help without there being a contract in place. Someone from Oracle asked us to help so we started the process of cleaning up the content, writing tools for further refinement of the content, provisioning a machine and preparing the repository for public vetting. That we have a statement of work from Oracle is a pretty clear indicator to me this will continue, but even if Oracle decided not to participate we'll clean up the content and merge it into Maven Central. Jason van Zyl

Thanks for the clarification,

Thanks for the clarification, Jason. 


a relayed messages problem

It sounds like a situation where you said something, someone else relayed your message in their own words to another audience, that was picked up on by other people, etc. So, the message changed as it was spread.

This type of thing happens often with news. To me, it doesn't seem like any harm has resulted from this -- just some temporary confusion.

Thank you, Jason, for this clarification.