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OTN TechCast: Roberto Chinnici Discusses Java EE 6

Posted by editor on March 24, 2010 at 9:32 AM PDT

I wasn't able to attend the March 19 Oracle Technology Network TechCast (Java EE 6 Roundup with Roberto Chinnici) when it happened -- but it's now online, so I watched it this morning. The brief summary for the TechCast is:

One of the key engineers in the Java EE 6 effort explains the latest developments about profiles, annotations, APIs, extensibility, and pruning - as well as how the JEE 6 focus on flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use manifests in GlassFish v3.

Profiles were the first topic of discussion. The advantage of profiles is that the developer can select a specific set of packages that are suitable for the application that's being developed. In the past, there was simply Java EE, in its entirety, and if you needed anything extra you had to bring in those packages, creating what could become ultimately a dependency nightmare for larger applications that are worked on by multiple developers.

Roberto talked specifically about the Java EE 6 Web Profile. This includes rules that define how different components should work together, for example, servlets and transactions.

Roberto also noted that the profiles capability is a general capability, that facilitates the configuration of new profiles by developers. Each profile will have its own set of rules and its own configuration with respect to the tools and components that are included in the profile.

The discussion moved onto annotations, which are extended in Java EE 6 to web containers. Annotations also aid in removing the need for creating web.xml descriptors. Additional topics of discussion include dependency injection; extensibility; the pruning process and proposed technologies that may be declared optional in the future; GlassFish.

Go to Java EE 6 Roundup with Roberto Chinnici to view the TechCast.

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Do as
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