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So long James and thanks for all the fish

Posted by calvinaustin on April 12, 2010 at 12:21 PM PDT

There were a few ripples around the Java community given that James Gosling the founding father of Java has left Oracle/Sun.

I'm not that surprised, I'm sure many others are not either. Google must have made inquiries on more than one occasion and Sun had a number of painful years even when I was there, plenty of layoffs that made each release more difficult and that was 5 years ago. 

What does this mean to the day to day Java platform. Well James was truely the Java figurehead so was rolled out at maybe one too many Java conferences. I hope we still will see James at the conferences he chooses, its more fun when its not your fulltime job. Java will still continue but we now need a leader to invigorate and direct the platforms future. As a first step a plan for Java 7 would be a must, the last unofficial build was in November. Javaone is coming up but there is no need to wait that long before resolving and fixing things until then. Lets hope that this is the next page of Java's future.



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java is open

I'm doing research on Jike RVM, and has passed many dacapo tests. Though there exists lots of difficulty passing SpecJvm2008, I will work hard. I find @NonmovingAllocation, easy to plugin GC framework and pure java implemetation fascinating.

A not so surprising move

I probably wouldn't like Oracle's culture either.
Anyway, Java is open source now. It will survive no matter what Oracle does.