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Releases, releases

Posted by kirillcool on April 14, 2010 at 11:10 AM PDT

It’s my great pleasure today to announce the availability of releases of the following projects:

Substance 6.0 main features include:

  • Support for multi-state animations
  • New look for text-based components
  • Custom component states

Click on the button below to launch a signed WebStart application that shows the available Substance features.

Trident 1.2 is a stabilization release and has a few new APIs.

You’re more than welcome to download the releases for Trident, Substance and relevant plugins.

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Releases, releases

I used earlier your SVG to Java2D -application, which was available at:
But it seems the application has been removed. Do you still have the app somewhere available?

Releases, releases

It seems like there are no downloads for the Substance project. Can you provide a working link?

Releases, releases

Your project seems very interesting and i'd like to try substance. Unfortunately i can't get de jar because java-net is refusing to open the download directory!
Could you restore the link to get it.

Where to get the demo source?

Dear Mr. Grouchnikov, the substance look and feel is the laf of my choice. Unfortunately, i'm not a very experienced Swing user yet. Because of the great demo application that shows use cases i'm interested in, i've searched it's sources, but i simply can't find them. Where can i get the sources? They'd be a great help for me learning how to use substance. Please help me. Best regards, David

installation of substance look and feel

i downloaded latest version of substance.But I dont know how to install .Please tell me how to install it and use. Please help me.Please. Thanks a lot

Start at the top of

Start at the top of

One more doubt

Thank you so much Sir.I have successfully installed Substance.jar and Trident .jar and as per your directions I have run the application. I pasted Substance.jar and trident.jar in C:/temp folder(windows platform).Now whenever I run the Walkthrough.class file in command prompt I have to give following command: java -cp .;C:/temp/substance.jar;C:/temp/trident.jar Walkthrough But I want to run the application by this command: java Walkthrough So please tell me where should I keep substance.jar and Trident.jar and what changes I have to make in the code? Thank you so much, Looking forward.

If you're using third-party

If you're using third-party jars, you need to add them to the classpath. This is not Substance-specific and applies to any third-party jars.

I am using the substance jar

I am using the substance jar of itself which you provided.What I want is that if I make an application and run it with command prompt then I should run it by simply "java applicationname" without including the parameters for substance.jar.Is it possible by placing substance.jar in bin folder of jdk or is there any java code which could implicitly tell JVM the path of substance.jar while running? Thank you so much.

If i understand correctly,

If i understand correctly, the library works as expected when the jars are added to the classpath. If you're looking for a way to add third-party jars to some global system-wide location - that is not specific to Substance.