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JMath a Java API for doing math

Posted by aschunkjava on April 18, 2010 at 10:52 AM PDT

JMath: A Java API for doing Math

Hello. I would like to introduce JMath project. JMath is math API for doing serious math with Java.

With JMath you can do linear algebra, set calculations, general math calculations such as arithmetics, fractions and the like.

Also, with JMath you will be able to do serious statistics.

Origin of JMath

Origin of JMath is the former LinAlg API. LinAlg API is part of JMath is now being developed by SysConsult IT Consulting Company.

Main development cycle has been slept for almost over two years but it has been redeveloped with new features coming soon.


JMath and LinAlg project are under distributed under a GPL license. For more information visit

Coming soon

There will be more features of JMath coming soon. Also i will provide demos for JMath and LinAlg API.

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Are you censoring comments?

I notice that a previous comment about a java based freeware for numerical computing has somehow been removed.

that's not cool at all.

access question

At the moment, the project at does not appear to be publicly available. Any idea when others can see it?

Pending approval

Hello, i have now set a license and an owners message. The project is still pending approval by I dont know how long this takes but i will add further information and source files to the project soon. If you want to have a look at JMath i can send you zip file with source code. Hope to get the rest of JMath finished this week. regards Alexander