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blueBill Mobile goes Android

Posted by fabriziogiudici on April 18, 2010 at 3:50 PM PDT

blueBill Mobile has been initially developed for JavaFX and has been blogged about a bit in the past. I already anticipated that a version in JME was in the pipeline; in the meantime, since unfortunately there hasn't been any announce from Oracle about JavaFX for Android phones, I started the development of a specific Android version. It is important also for start involving some users, as I've been unlucky in finding a good number of them able to test JavaFX Mobile applications.

Below there's a quick and low-quality demo of blueBill Mobile running on a Motorola Droid. I'll prepare a better quality one as soon as possible. Of course, expect me blogging about my first impressions with Android soon.

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Just as a clarification,

Just as a clarification, since I received a few private emails. The JavaFX Mobile version of blueBill has not been dropped; it's has just been rescheduled at low priority. I stil hope to have Oracle make some announcement on JavaFX Mobile by this summer, but until that Android and JME will get the priority. Still, recall that I'm going to talk about JavaFX Mobile at Jazoon 2010.