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My first intensive user experience with Android (with a few developer hints...)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 12, 2010 at 5:41 AM PDT

I'm just back from a six-days tour in Bourgogne, where I celebrated (with some delay) my fortieth birthday. The week was exclusively dedicated to photography (landscapes, romanesque and gothic churches, castles), food and wine and - occasionally - birding. No Java, no programming, no computer at all (with just a few exceptions).

For all of my tourist needs I've exclusively used my Motorola Droid (Milestone), most notably for:

  1. Navigating (hey, navigating on a road, not on the web!). I relied for the first time on a navigator (MotoNav) for finding my route (*).
  2. Recording the path and taking geotagged notes. Waiting for the Android port of windRose to be ready, I've used GPS Logger Pro.
  3. Recording bird observations. I've used my own blueBill Mobile for the job.

Needless to say, these are multi-tasking activities: I've mostly kept MotoNav running in background all the time (and it properly gave me vocal advices when it was not rendering the route), GPS Logger Pro was recording the track in background all the time (I occasionally popped it up to take notes) and blueBill Mobile was activated when needed. It's worth while mentioning that all of the three activities used the same resource (the LocationProvider) at the same time.

Let me first give you the usual pinch of Apple bashing: according to Steve Jobs, I must be a very strange kind of user, since users don't need multitasking on their smartphone (yeah, I know, users are going to have their brain upgraded with iPhone OS 4.0, but it's not around yet); my Droid must be a very strange kind of smartphone, since it supported the concurrent activities very well (a few notes below), while - if I remember well - Jobs gave also some technical rationales about the iPhone not supporting multi-tasking (of course, with iPhone OS 4.0 Jobs will affirm that Apple has resolved the problems and finally invented multitasking for mobile stuff).

Actually, a few times my Droid was not responsive for a few seconds. At least a good bunch of the cases turned out to be due to the faulty protective strip that I applied before the journey; in other cases blueBill Mobile has been really paused for a while:

  1. A specific case is my own fault. blueBill Mobile loads the checklist when it starts or when it is resumed after a long time. The operation is done by parsing a JSON file and takes a few seconds. It's fully acceptable if you run blueBill Mobile and keep it as the primary application for several hours, just occasionally switching to other stuff; it's not good if blueBill Mobile is instead the stuff you occasionally pop up. Lesson learned.
  2. Other times I had the strong impression that blueBill Mobile was paused when starting the background thread that gets the current GPS fix: the next screen wasn't kicking in promptly after pushing the related button. I'm thinking of a sort of contention with the use of the GPS resource, even though it's done in a background thread. Need to be debugged on the field, with a logger attached.

PS Even though not really related with the rest of the post, Apndroid deserves a special mention for keeping my wallet safe! In Europe, data traffic in roaming costs a lot (7

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Screenshot source code for Android !!!

Hi Fabrizio, I saw your comment on Droid At Screen page and you were commenting that you will be using that for screen cast by taking static screen shot out of that application. Can you please provide the details of how to make it?. Actually i need as command line tool in which i will provide serial number as argument to take the screen shot. Thank You... Regards, Rajesh

Sorry, Rajesh, I didn't fully

Sorry, Rajesh, I didn't fully understand your question - the tool that requires the serial number takes the screen shot of your desktop or is it an Android thing?