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Apple computers are "intelligent" - and I have got the proof

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 2, 2010 at 6:50 AM PDT

I've just finished my presentation at Jazoon - fine from my point of view. As I wanted to have time for one more example of code (and a conclusion talking about the possible perspectives of JavaFX Mobile), I intentionally decided to avoid demos (I showed my application as a screencast while talking). In addition to taking time, they are the typical source of troubles, so without them I was feeling very relaxed.

Well, guess what? I experienced a Mac OS X Preview freeze. I mean, I was reproducing the presentation as a PDF file, and after a few slides Preview stopped moving on. I closed and restarted it, the same. No response by either hitting the arrow keys or clicking on the "prev / next" icons.

Now, after the presentation, it's running ok again. I have only one logical explanation: the Apple gear is intelligent and, knowing I'm an Apple basher, took revenge on me. Scary!

PS As I'm paranoid about backups, I had OpenOffice ready in the background and continued the presentation with it - no big deal. Sounds as I'm still one step further than Apple gear.