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Posted by editor on July 10, 2010 at 11:35 PM PDT

This week's news on was spread out fairly evenly across a broad spectrum of topics, with Java EE / GlassFish receiving the greatest coverage. The upcoming web site changes related to the integration of Sun sites and Oracle sites also received considerable attention.

If you didn't get a chance to visit on a daily basis in the past week, read on, and you'll find all of the week's Java Today news items, a selection of blog posts, and the old and new spotlights and polls.

This week's index:

Conferences, JUG Meetings

Last week's Spotlight was Justin Kestelyn's post Of Buses, Surfboards, and Communities:

Me and other members of the team, Vikki and Todd, specifically, had a blast at ODTUG's Kaleidoscope conference earlier this week. That group knows how to run one, and the results show it: attendance was up 25% this year. Kudos to the organizers. (Incidentally, Oracle ACE Director Edward Roske is the conf chair for 2011, so ACE Directors will continue to have a strong presence there.) As always, it was good to see the usual suspects. What's more, we got a visit from the Java Bus (#javaroadtrip), which parked right next to the conference space at the hotel...

Adam Bien talked about A Day in Paris (JUG) with Java EE 6:

Back from JUG Paris. It was almost a conference (~200 attendees). It was my first time in Paris -> I really like the city. Although I was said to got some competition by the football world championships, the room was packed.I predicted France to become the football world champion (I'm a true football expert :-)) - the attendees liked my expertise in this area. I started with slides and ended in the IDE...

Joe Darcy announced his JavaOne 2010 Talks Scheduled:

My two JavaOne talks this year have now been scheduled: * Monday, September 20, 11:30AM, Project Coin: Small Language Changes for JDK 7. Abstract: Project Coin is an effort to select and implement a set of small language changes to enhance programmer productivity in JDK 7. Project Coin language changes include improved integer literals, strings in switch, and the diamond operator. This session will describe the language changes and demo IDE support...

On the lighter side, the JavaOne Conference Blog presented a video, The Most Important the Universe!

Learn about JavaOne's *universal* reach in this series of videos about Kar-Rek, Agent from Planet Lu-Zor. His mission: Save his planet by discovering a better technology to control their renegade devices...

The new poll is When was the last time you attended a Java community event (JUG meeting, conference, etc.)? Voting will be open for the next week.

JavaEE, GlassFish

On, Justin Cater posted GWT 2 Spring 3 JPA 2 Hibernate 3.5 Tutorial – Eclipse and Maven 2 showcase:

A little while ago a friend and colleague of mine winged at me saying „Only half of the world is using Maven“. My colleague was right, Maven is the „de facto“ standard software project management and comprehension tool. Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information, the project object model (POM) file. This step by step guide will present how to develop a simple web application using Google's Web Toolkit (GWT) for the rich client and Spring as the back – end, server side framework...

At the Aquarium, Alexismp posted Screencasts for Milestone 2 of GlassFish 3.1:

A quick note to share the availability of two more GlassFish screencasts aligned with the recent release of Milestone 2 of version 3.1. The two 5-minute screencasts focus on more clustering (ssh-based) features and websockets support (Grizzly-powered). Some more details, including links to detailed instructions, are available here...

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine announced that the GlassFish Wiki has a new home:

Together with the forum/mailing-list and the issue tracker, the GlassFish wiki is were the community meets and collaborates on the future of GlassFish. This wiki has moved over the week-end to a new infrastructure on We anticipate this will provide a robust infrastructure (better uptime) via a great wiki engine (Confluence) and better overall security...

DeveloperWorks featured David Geary's new article JSF 2 fu: JSF wizards -

In this JSF 2 fu installment, you'll find out how to combine JSF 2 with Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) to implement an Ajaxified wizard. You'll see JSF's templating and Ajax in action, and you'll learn how to use CDI's dependency injection and conversation scope.

Arun Gupta presented QA#3: Java EE 6: Jigsaw puzzle, Modular, standard, less xml, easy, easy - by Antonio Goncalves:

This blog entry is third (previous ones) in the Java EE 6 feedback from the community series. You can learn about how Java EE 6 is currently being used in production, development and deployment environments used within the community, and even feature requests for Java EE 7. This entry comes from Antonio Goncalves - a senior software architect specialized in Java / Java EE working as a consultant. He started working with Java in 1998 and quickly with J2EE in 1999. He published a first book (in French) about Java EE 5 in 2007 and became a JCP Expert Member of various JSRs in 2008 (Java EE 6, JPA 2.0 and EJB 3.1). He is a member of the OSSGTP (Open Source Solution Get Together Paris), co-leader of the Paris JUG and has been awarded Java Champion...

Arun followed with an index to his Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 Demos:

The is a consolidated list of all the Java EE 6 blog entries published on this blog so far: * TOTD #139: Asynchronous Request Processing using Servlets 3.0 and Java EE 6; * TOTD #137: Asynchronous EJB, a light-weight JMS solution - Feature-rich Java EE 6; * TOTD #136: Default Error Page using Servlets 3.0 - Improved productivity using Java EE 6...

Markus Karg reported on JDBC batch mode support in SQL Anywhere 11.0.1: Better late than never!

Finally iAnywhere answered my prayers and implemented support for JDBC batch mode into their latest (and fastest) driver. But at surprisingly bad performance. Let's see why.

Manfred Riem posted Apache, (SSL), mod_proxy and Glassfish v3:

My previous blog articles about Apache, (SSL), mod_proxy and Glassfish V1/2 are pretty popular. So this is a refresh to let you all know that you CAN do the same with Glassfish V3. I have tested it with v3.0.1. Note you will have to dig through the admin console a bit more to find where they have put each of the settings. Or you can read about the changes here.

Tools, IDEs, etc.

NetBeans 6.9 was the center of attention in Justin Kestelyn's latest TechCast Live: NetBeans IDE 6.9 - JavaFX Composer and OSGi:

NetBeans engineering managers John Jullion-Ceccarelli and Martin Ryzl offer a tour of NetBeans IDE 6.9, including a demo of the new JavaFX Composer.

Hudson Labs posted Links for 2010-07-05:

It's been quite a while since I posted a Hudson links-roundup post, so without further ado, here goes nothing: * Max tells us about using Hudson with Symbian's CodeScanner tool. * Running slaves on Mac OS X? Mirko has some handy launchctl foo for keeping his JNLP slaves online; * Scott threw up a great configuration sample for running Hudson with an Nginx reverse proxy with SSL...

Geertjan Wielenga wrote NetBeans HTML Editor in a JEditorPane:

Again, as yesterday, without code completion, but helpful nonetheless, again for business applications where the end user might like to do a bit of HTML editing while doing other things in the application...

Hudson Labs announced a Security Fix! Hudson 1.365 Released:

The Hudson team has released Hudson 1.365 which contains a critical security fix! A security advisory released yesterday by InfraDNA goes on to explain the hole with more detail: This vulnerability allows an attacker to read arbitrary files in the
server file system whose path names are known, by sending malicious
HTTP GET requests. While such access is still subject to the normal
access control enforced by the operating system, Hudson can still leak
"secrets" possessed by Hudson...

John Ferguson Smart demonstrated Running JUnit tests in parallel with Maven:

A little-known but very useful feature slipped into JUnit 4 and recent versions of the Maven Surefire Plugin: support for parallel testing. This feature has been around for a while in TestNG, but has been missing in JUnit. And now, if you are a JUnit user, you too can run your tests in parallel! Running your tests in parallel is a powerful way to speed up your tests. Good automated tests...

Platforms, Frameworks

Srikanth Shenoy continued his series with Effective JavaFX Architecture Part 2 - Test Driven Development (TDD) with JavaFX:

How to do Test Driven Development (TDD) with JavaFX using Model-View-Presenter pattern? In this installment of Effective JavaFX Architecture, I address this question with all the details and working code samples.

Sergey Malenkov discussed Localized Reaction Time:

Last half a year I was quite busy. My personal priority was to get a driving license. Among many exercises in my car driving school there was a psychological test consisting of different tasks to check your reaction. I developed one of them by using JavaFX. It examines how fast you can click.


Joseph Darcy posted Project Coin: Bringing it to a Close(able) -

As a follow-up to the title="Project Coin: ARM API">initial API changes to support automatic resource management (ARM) I wrote an annotation processor, CloseableFinder, to programmatically look for types that were candidates to be retrofitted as Closeable or AutoCloseable. The processor issues a note for a type that has a public no-args instance method returning void whose name is "close" where the type does not already implement/extend Closeable or AutoCloseable. Based on the exceptions a close method is declared to throw, the processor outputs whether the type is a candidate to be retrofitting to just AutoCloseable or to either of Closeable and AutoCloseable...

Dalibor Topic presented OpenJDK News (2010-07-06):

JDK 7 build 99 is available. Build 99 contains changes to add support for JSR 292 in C1 and C2 client and server JIT compilers on the SPARC architecture, updating HotSpot to version 19 build 03, as well as JSR 292 adjustments to method handle invocation in the javac compiler and the class library implementation. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code. JDK 7 build 100 has been postponed to July 8th. This year's JVM Language Summit is scheduled to take place on July 26-28 at Oracle Corporation's Sun Santa Clara campus...

A new article by Marc Hadley was published on the Sun Developer Network, The Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) -- Rapidly Build Lightweight Web Services:

This article introduces you to the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS), which resulted from Java Specification Request (JSR) 311 and is a component of the Java Enterprise Edition Platform (Java EE 6). The aim of JAX-RS is to make development of Java Web services built according to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style both straightforward and natural for you, the developer. To this end, where possible, the API offers declarative annotations that allow you to...


Michael Huttermann provided the lasted news about his new book in Agile ALM: -update-

Some news about Agile ALM. Manning is reading through the manuscript now (again). Chapters are streamed to production now (that includes the steps: copy edit, technical proofreading, typeset of chapters). As you know, chapters 1 to 4 are in MEAP already, the preface and chapter one are available for free. The timeline...

Markus Karg talked about Using Enumerations in for-each statements - five times faster than the JRE, without RAM limitations:

Iterating over an Enumeration with the for-each statement would be fine, but the JRE's default support is not very smart. So I wrote my own utility providing five times better speed, using virtually no heap space.

Evan Summers talked about Trivial Templating:

Notwithstanding the fact that anyone in their right mind (which rules me out) would use Apache Velocity or FreeMarker for templating, we present a trivial templating helper class, where for instance we have an HTML template as follows to send a confirmation email to a customer.


Shai Almog described how to Swipe That Image:

The touch device Swipe gesture has been well supported on LWUIT from day one however strictly for the purpose of scrolling. Its pretty easy and common to implement the swipe foWhen was the last time you attended a Java community event (JUG meeting, conference, etc.)?r other uses such as paging through pictures but there users often want immediate feedback which is a bit harder. Novices to LWUIT might think it makes sense to try and combine the swipe and transition, but that is probably not so practical since the transitions assume speed and structure (partially because they are generic and can slide between anything)...

Open Source Projects

Last week's poll was stimulated by Fabrizio Giudici's post: What does the average non-programmer think about Open Source Software? A total of 279 votes were cast, with these results:

  • 19% (53 votes) - They've never heard of it
  • 27% (75 votes) - They've heard the term, but have only a vague sense of what it is
  • 12% (34 votes) - They think it's some weird hobby geeks like
  • 15% (42 votes) - They think the software can't possibly be of high quality
  • 12% (34 votes) - They think it's cool
  • 11% (30 votes) - I don't know
  • 4% (11 votes) - Other

The Schneide Blog reviewed Open Source Love Day June 2010:

Last wednesday, we held our Open Source Love Day for June 2010. This one was productive despite the heat that had us sweating the whole day long (as a sidenote: it got even warmer the days afterwards). Some features were finished and will help at least us in our projects. We still look forward for the right way to release them...

This week's new Spotlight is Karl Schaefer's announcement, SwingX 1.6.1 Released

I am please to announce that SwingX has released version 1.6.1.  We hope to have the release uploaded Maven central soon. Just a quick overview of some of the issues: * Added prompt support; * Added new Highlighters and HighlighterPredicates and improved the rendering API; * Lots of JXDatePicker and JXMonthView improvements...

Fabrizio Giudici asked blueBill Mobile users to "Talk to me":

At about 330 downloads and 150 active installs, the feedback I'm getting from blueBill Mobile customers is very small. It mostly comes from people in a birders' forum where I posted a notice about the app; while the feedback brought from the Android Market infrastructure is practically zero. The point is not related to the small quantity of comments (it's natural), but by their poor quality:...

Jitendra Kotamraju blogged about Grizzly transport using JAX-WS 2.2 HTTP SPI:

JAX-WS endpoints are hosted using Grizzly's HTTP implementation and this extension uses standard JAX-WS 2.2 HTTP SPI


Three major former Sun Microsystems web sites (, the Sun Developer Network, and BigAdmin) will soon be merged with the Oracle Technology Network. FAQ: The Big Website Merge -,, BigAdmin, and OTN presents the details:

As originally described here, in a couple weeks you will see major changes to the Developer and Admin-related Web portals maintained by Oracle. The FAQ below should hopefully answer any major questions about this, but we welcome more of them...

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