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Little teaser: OpenSesame RDF store on Android

Posted by fabriziogiudici on July 12, 2010 at 6:29 AM PDT

A couple of days ago I did a massive refactoring in a couple of components of blueBill Mobile; the ones related to the management of fact sheets (e.g. bird calls with metadata) that I was talking about in a previous post. The first implementation (in the latest release) was based on RDF triples and used an ad-hoc implementation of a RDF+JSON serializer; now I can say I'm successfully running some modules of OpenSesame, so I got rid of a bunch of my own code and - above all - I'm able to generate and parse RDF+XML and RDF+N3 too. BTW, the RDF+N3 parser seems to be much faster than RDF+JSON, thus I probably don't need the latter any longer.

Googling around one can find traces of people trying to use an RDF store on Android - so far I've mostly found people talking of Jena ports. What I like of OpenSesame is that it's released in many small and self-consistent modules, that made really easier for me the integration of what I need so far (and I'll be probably able to incrementally integrate other parts).

At the moment I'm not using any backing database, but the simplified in-memory Graph object together with a few serializers. I'll investigate about the backing database after the next release (end of July). I didn't have to change the sources of OpenSesame, but needed to do some patching to work around some XML problems with Android (as usual: missing stuff).

This is just a teaser since I didn't find the time so far to post a more comprehensive article: expect one soon here or at DZone.

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<p>Hello Mr. Giudici,</p> <p>I'm a master student at the ...

Hello Mr. Giudici,
I'm a master student at the University of Vienna. I am preparing a practical work about Mobile RDf Stores, especially for Android based Mobile Systems. I would like to test your project and use the test results in my work if you could send me a test program of your project or any useful link about it . Thanks in advance.
Metin Cakmak

Hi Metin. All my code is open and you can get it at ...

Hi Metin. All my code is open and you can get it at - you'll see three HG repositories, the right one is the one for Android. Please note that you need Maven 2 to succesfully build the whole application including the .apk, because of a bug that I'm trying to track in the maven-android-plugin.
Feel free to ask for more information.