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SwingX 1.6.1 is in central maven repo

Posted by rah003 on July 24, 2010 at 11:45 AM PDT

  As Karl mentioned already in his blog, SwingX 1.6.1 was released few weeks ago. There were some issues uploading the artifacts to central repo this time, due to previous nexus migration and changes in structure of repositories, but all is solved now.

To use 1.6.1 simply update your pom to  








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Unnecessary dependencies

We no longer need either the JHLabs or swing-worker backport dependencies.  Can we do an update release to remove these?


 We could indeed. But since

 We could indeed. But since they are declared as compile time dependencies only it should not really matter, plus they can be easily excluded.

I'll make sure they are removed for the next time.