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New Books and Videos on Java EE, GlassFish, and NetBeans

Posted by editor on August 2, 2010 at 1:25 PM PDT

In the Java-related blogs I subscribe to, there are four recent entries talking about interesting new videos and books related to Java EE, GlassFish, and NetBeans. First, the books:

Frank Kieviet received and reviewed Masoud Kalali's new book GlassFish Security:

Pact Publishing was kind enough to send me a copy of the book "GlassFish Security" that was released very recently. It's tough to find the time to read a book cover to cover. In fact, it's been a while since I've read a book from beginning to end. Typically I'm only interested in a few chapters which I then read. Later, when the need arises, I may get back to other chapter. It's like treating a book like an encyclopedia or a dictionary. I bet that most people read technical books that way nowadays. So it's important that a book lends itself to be read that way...

Geertjan Wielenga talked about The Next NetBeans Platform Book... And the Next Next NetBeans Platform Book!

It's official. I am no longer allowed to torture Packt with further tweaks and edits. Jürgen Petri's English translation is finally complete. They've uploaded the content to the printer and my role in the process is finally over. The final cover is as follows ... Henry Kleynhans, newish NetBeans Platform developer in South Africa, the first/only person who has seen the actual PDF so far, other than myself and Packt, told me this about it on Twitter: "I really like it. The way in which concepts are incrementally introduced is very intuitive. Going through Lookup now..." ...

And now for the video news:

Arun Gupta posted Screencast #31: Java EE 6 using GlassFish and Eclipse 3.6 - Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is now available - 5 new screencasts:

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is now available - download here. This is a set of plugins for Eclipse 3.6 that provide support for Oracle Coherence, Weblogic Scripting Tool (WLST), WebLogic server JDBC deployment descriptor and Web services annotation editor, and now Java EE 6 & GlassFish as well! ...

And on the Aquarium, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart is Introducing GlassFishVideos - GlassFish at YouTube:

We now have an official YouTube channel for videos related to GlassFish:
The channel already has 15 screencasts from Alexis, including the
new one on the
Hudson Provisioning Plugin,
and over the next few weeks we are going to complete updating videos from Arun, myself and other sources. We don't yet have a process to determine what content goes there but, as always, we welcome your suggestions.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham