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Have you upgraded your Java 1.6_21 to Java 1.6_21?

Posted by malcolmdavis on August 9, 2010 at 7:28 AM PDT

I download the newest release of Java when it comes out. 

As precaution, I run with the newest versions for a while prior to recommending my clients to upgrade.

The first week with 1.6_21 was hell.  Tomcat was running out memory, both NetBeans and Eclipse routinely died.

I patched my environments by setting with -XX:MaxPermSize set to 512m.

I found out the cause of my problems:  A bug arose when Oracle changed the company field name in Java from "Sun Microsystems, Inc" to "Oracle Corporation".

I went to to see if I was running the latest/greatest. The nice little display said I was running the latest. 

I used Java –version to verify, which returned Java 1.6_21-b06.

Reading the articles and blogs, 1.6_21-b06 was incorrect.  The latest was 1.6_21-b07.

I went the JDK route, which uninstalled, and then installed the latest.  Now my environment says Java 1.6_21-b07.

It would be nice if Oracle would have actually look at subversions, or had this patch actually Java 1.6_22.  Yes, it’s embarrassing, I’m embarrassed for Oracle, but don’t let Java 1.6_21-b06 hanging out there by simply not updating the site.


Double update

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