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The Prodigal Android

Posted by evanx on August 18, 2010 at 9:32 AM PDT

I enjoyed reading the Android=Java blog just now, and agree with Osvaldo's sentiments.

Android is clearly a Java knock-off - using javac and Apache class libraries, but implementing a new VM designed for better performance in the resource-constrained environments of smartphones - hence the dex class file format. Otherwise they could have adopted JamVM. What approach would the reader take in their situation?

I thought that the Java language was an open standard, allowing clean-room implementations of the compiler, runtime libraries and VM? And if your implementation doesn't pass the TCK, then sorry you can't call it Java(tm), but good luck to you and yours.

Compared to what Microsoft did with .NET, Google took a very sensible route by not developing a new java'esque language and toolchain - but rather leveraging existing Java skills and familiar tools to hasten adoption. This is better for us Java developers than an unfamiliar language, IDE etc?

Isn't the problem that Sun hasn't really innovated in the smartphone space, as Google has done so impressively with Android? While Google was leveraging opensource Linux and Java goodies, and building a better VM for smartphones, ironically Sun was off building a new language and toolset (JavaFX).

The Java trademark and promise of compatibility is great, but Android is great too apparently - according to developers and the market.

In fairness, I don't see why Oracle should win this lawsuit, because there's no copyright infringment (in Apache Harmony), no infringment of the Java trademark (it's Android not JavaTM), and software patents are (as always) ridiculous. So maybe Google is taking this opportunity to stand up against software patents? Well in my book, fighting software patents is always to be lauded...


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Fight against Oracle and keep Java in Community

Oracle intend to keep the open Java to private, but now the Java belong to our developer not for single company, it need our developer to protect it.