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Announcing: GlassFish Outposts - Trekking the "GlassFish Trail"

Posted by editor on August 26, 2010 at 5:35 AM PDT

While looking at the latest GlassFish map Monday night, I started wondering about some of the dots that appear in fairly remote locations on the globe. (My apologies to those who live in these locations -- of course, they're not "remote" to you!) In fact, I see quite a lot of dots in places I've long wanted to visit, like the Arctic, islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Carribean Islands, Africa, and Teirra del Fuego.

Since I may never get the chance to actually visit these places in person, I've decided to "follow the GlassFish Trail" (like the explorers of old) and make virtual visits in a new blog series to be called "GlassFish Outposts."

So, get ready for some adventure. I'm packing my bags today, getting ready for my first journey. Who knows where it will take me!?

And if we're lucky, when I get there, maybe some of the GlassFish denizens of those locations will post comments introducing us to their GlassFish projects!

Java Today

Adrian Deccico investigates Concurrency in Hudson:

Hi, the following Groovy script checks if there is any other job waiting for an executor or being executed in that precise moment. It can be useful if you eventually want to launch an exclusive task, like reloading Hudson’s configuration, which will affect current executions...

On developerWorks, Masahiko Maedera presents "Unicode surrogate programming with the Java language":

Since version 1.5, the Java™ language has provided APIs supporting Unicode supplementary characters that can't be represented by a single 16-bit char data type. This article discusses the features of these APIs, shows their correct usage, and evaluates their processing performance.

The JavaOne Conference Blog announces that we'll be able to Follow JavaOne and Oracle Develop As It Happens: Oracle Technology Network Live:

Join us for three full days of great interviews, news, and buzz--LIVE from JavaOne and Oracle Develop in San Francisco! Oracle Technology Network's Justin Kestelyn, Rick Ramsey, Tori Wieldt, Bob Rhubart, and Kevin Farnham host dozens of community experts for the latest news and buzz from the world's biggest and best conference. Programming starts Monday, September 20th at 8:00 am PT. If you are at JavaOne/Oracle Develop, join us in the Mason Street Tent to be part of our live studio audience! If you can't be there, watch it here (bookmark the page!)...

The JCP Program Office announces And the nominees are...:

The nominations for the 8th annual JCP Program Awards have closed and it is time for the JCP Executive Committee (EC) Members to cast their votes. This year we have combined the awards into a total of three categories. The winners will be announced during the Wednesday evening event during JavaOne, which will be held this year on 22 September at the Intercontinental Hotel (more details on the event to follow later). I've listed the nominees as well as their nomination justifications below. Congratulations to the nominees! ...


The topic of the current poll is the "JavaOne Strategy and Directions" Keynote, which will feature Larry Ellison and Thomas Kurian. Our poll asks: Which area will receive the most attention in the JavaOne "Java Strategy and Directions" keynote? The poll will be open until next Mondy.


Our latest Spotlight is Community Manager Sonya Barry's blog post Tell me what you think:

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We're also currently highlighting the JavaOne Conference Blog's announcement of the JavaOne and Oracle Develop Unconference as a Spotlight:

In addition to the power packed "official" sessions of JavaOne and Oracle Develop, there will be an unconference that runs in conjunction with the main conference from Monday-Thursday at the Parc 55 hotel. If you want to lead a session, you can register your session in the currently open three tracks at the unconference website write an abstract to get others interested in your session...

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham