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The TDD/BDD/ATDD for Java Developers workshop - coming to Sydney again on October 7-8

Posted by johnsmart on September 13, 2010 at 2:04 PM PDT

The TDD/BDD/ATDD for Java Developers workshop is coming to Sydney again on October 7-8.

This session is a very practical and pragmatic TDD/BDD workshop, where students spend two very full days writing a real Java application using Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development techniques. In addition to solid TDD/BDD practices, we'll be covering the latest JUnit 4 features, as well as some very useful tools in the automated web testing/BDD/ATDD space, Mocking and Stubbing with Mockito, Page Objects using WebDriver/Selenium 2 and some soon-to-be-released new easyb features. 

The course is also a great source of TDD, BDD, and unit testing tips and tricks - we even look at how to do TDD on Legacy applications. I've been getting great feedback from ("the best course I've ever been on" was one comment - another said something along the lines of "now I finally 'get' TDD").

You can find more details about the course, and book online, here. As usual, we are also offering government and group discounts - just ask.


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