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Looking forward to my first JavaOne

Posted by jjviana on September 15, 2010 at 7:31 AM PDT

JavaOne 2010 is going to be my first time on the conference. Even tough I have been developing in Java in the past 12 years I never managed to attend. The fact this is the first JavaOne under Oracle stewardship makes it yet more exciting.

Living south of the Equator doesn't make it particularly easy for me to travel, but this is not the main reason why I have missed JavaOne in the past. There were always projects and deadlines and personal events conspiring to make it impossible for me to attend.

So after such a long time I really plan to make the most of it. I will be attening the Glassfish Community Event on Sunday. In the remaining days I will try to strike a balance between watching technical sessions, meeting interesting people in the community area and attending private meetings.

Below is my current tentative session schedule.  Do you think I am being too ambitious? Or not ambitious enough? Are there any killer sessions I am overlooking?  If you are a more experienced JavaOner please let me know!


Monday, September 20th

10:00AM -11:00AM

OSGi and Java EE: A Hybrid Approach to Enterprise Java Application Development
Golden Gate 4/5
Non_attending_icon Non_attending_icon

11:30AM -12:30PM
Taking Java to the Sky: Cloud Computing 2010 Expert Panel
Golden Gate 6/7
Non_attending_icon Non_attending_icon

01:00PM -02:00PM
Ten Easy Ways to Improve Java EE Performance
Golden Gate 4/5

04:00PM -05:00PM
Lessons Learned from Java in the Internet Age and What It Means for the Cloud

08:30PM -09:15PM
Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting with VisualVM
Rm 304

Tuesday, September 21st

08:00AM -09:00AM
Building Highly Scalable and Available Applications with Java on Windows Azure
Golden Gate 6/7

09:30AM -10:30AM
Ten Security Vulnerabilities for Software as a Service
Continental Parlor 1/2/3

02:30PM -04:00PM
JavaOne Technical General Session
Grand Ballroom AB

07:00PM -07:45PM
Test Tools BOF

08:00PM -08:45PM
Scaling Data Processing with Java in the Cloud
Yosemite C

Wednesday, September 22nd

11:30AM -12:30PM
Too Big to Fail: Top Tips for Massive, Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications
Market Street

01:00PM -02:00PM
Top 10 Causes for Java Issues in Production and What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Continental Parlor 1/2/3

02:15PM -03:00PM
Program Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots with the Java Programming Language

Non_attending_icon Non_attending_icon

04:45PM -05:45PM
Throwing Complexity over the Wall: Rapid Development for Enterprise Java


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