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The Legacy of JavaFX

Posted by kschaefe on September 20, 2010 at 12:27 PM PDT

My first session this moring at JavaOne was Deploying Java Applications on the Web.  It was quite good as it covered some of the newer techniques that have been added to the latest 1.6_x updates.  As with any good session, I walked away with some knowledge that I hadn't entered with, but what struck me the most was the legacy of JavaFX.  While JavaFX was mentioned (in passing once or twice by presenter Thomas Ng) and it appeared in some of the JNLP examples (as references to the JavaFX jar), it made little impact on the talk.  It was clear to me, however, that JavaFX (directly or indirectly) forced the updates that Thomas was speaking about.  The improvements in the deployment technology allowing applets to use JNLP.  The improvements to LiveConnet for better Web page integration. The improvements to caching and download times.  The improvements from click to interaction.

Whether you are pro-JavaFX or not, it seems clear that it has done something useful for the rest of the desktop development community: it has mde our lives easier when trying to push our technologies out via the Web.