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JavaOne: Sonya Barry Interviews JUG Leader Bruno Souza and Java Tools Community Leader Fabiane Nardon

Posted by editor on September 20, 2010 at 2:10 PM PDT Community Manager Sonya Barry interviewed JUG leader Bruno Souza and Java Tools Community leader Fabiane Nardon this afternoon. Both Bruno and Fabiane are from Brazil. I watched on the OTN Live videostream.

Bruno started out, saying JUGs are going strong. He and Sonya pointed out the new infrastructure improvements, and and Bruno talked about the value of as a central gathering place for JUGs.

Fabiane said the Java Tools Community includes more than 800 projects. She too looks forward to the new improvements in the infrastructure, believing the changes will benefit both the communities and project owners. Fabiane tried to define what a "Java Tool" actually is, but found that the term covers a very wide spectrum of possibilities, since so many types of software can support software development.

Fabiane and Bruno talked about a new venture where tools will be hosted in the cloud, rather than companies purchasing or supporting their own local copies of the software. The advantage would be that even small companies will be able to access and utilize the best development tools. Part of their venture is to provide advice and training regarding software engineering.

Sonya noted that a new objective for will be to simplify the paths through which new developers can become involved in existing projects and communities, start new projects, etc. Fabiane said it's very hard to find volunteers, and the conversation continued on the topic of involving people in contributing to open source projects. Fabiane also stressed the need for communities and projects to have new people coming in to participate; without new people, the projects can become stale, and the excitement can be lost. Sonya pointed out the importance of diversity in keeping projects lively and interesting.

The conversation ended with additional discussion of Java User Groups

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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