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SwingX 1.6.2 released

Posted by rah003 on September 21, 2010 at 7:34 AM PDT

As it became almost a tradition we have rolled out next SwingX release just before the SwingLabs BOF at JavaOne last night.

You can get the release from our website, or directly from the or also from the maven central repo. Please note that the artifactID has changed from swingx to swingx-core due to changes in the structure of the project.

Thanks a lot to all who contributed to this release with both the bug reports and the fixes.


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Maven Central

1.6.2 still not showing on Central. Anybody working on this issue?

name change

Opps. After I have noticed the name change (swingx is now swingx-project !), I have found it!


swingx poject is now renamed to swingx-core (not swingx-project)

Better not link to ...


... nearly all content there is outdated and the links are broken. So either cleanup the mess or not push it into the center of interest ;-)

Anyway, cool that you two made the release. And the Bof was a success as well, I assume, having seen Karl's blog and the slides.



Bad release

It's nice that people use Maven these days, its a shame that it is not used correctly. The parent of this release is a non-release (aka snapshot) version that does not exist in central - so I am amazed this got published to central - as it violates the contract!

 Oops, that is really a

 Oops, that is really a problem. I'm also not sure how it could have gone through, but I'll to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Need to update BeanInfo Dependency

When you released the 1.6.2.-2 beaninfo, that still refered to swingx-core-1.6.2 and not swing-core-1.6.2-2.