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JavaOne 2010: So Much That's So Interesting!

Posted by editor on September 21, 2010 at 6:39 PM PDT

It seems like, overall, the reception for this year's JavaOne among attendees is quite positive and enthusiastic. I thought the new design, which separates more "corporate" type presentations from the purely developer-centric content would produce a more interesting and exciting JavaOne conference for developers. This indeed seems to be happening.

As editor, my problem is that there is simply too much interesting news for me to put it all on the front page. So, in this blog, I'll point you to a bunch of interesting stuff that has been written by JavaOne 2010 attendees who don't blog on

Here's a small subset of interesting JavaOne 2010 related posts (in no particular order):

  • Joseph Darcy: Project Coin at JavaOne 2010 - This morning and early afternoon Maurizio and I gave our JavaOne talk about Project Coin to a packed room; the slides for the talk are now available. The NetBeans demo of Coin support also went smoothly...
  • Markus Eisele: Day 5: Let's get the conference started - Being here for already five days, this was the first real conference day. And, to be honest, I am dead beaten after the last few days. So there were some sessions to attend, but the most obvious thing, we all were waiting for, was the JavaOne Keynote this evening...
  • Justin Kestelyn: Java Directions Keynote + OTN Night - Thomas Kurian has delivered his "Java Strategy & Directions" keynote, which I cannot summarize any better than Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Dustin Marx also has nice coverage here. We'll bring you keynote highlights on video when when have them. Didja miss OTN Night, with Apolo Anton Ohno in the house?
  • Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine: JavaOne 2010, 36 hours into it - This JavaOne started off with the GlassFish community event on Sunday (read more on TheAquarium). By all metrics I think this was a very successful event and certainly on the "I finally got to meet XYZ in person" metric (my favorite) it was the best one so far for me. The party after Larry's keynote (a little long and not what I had expected) was great too and it felt good to be back in a familiar place.
  • Terrence Barr: News Flash: JavaOne Keynote – first impressions - A quick update on today’s JavaOne keynote with Thomas Kurian: Thomas cut right to the chase … A very detailed technical keynote, covering the Java runtime and language, Java EE, SE, and ME, Java 7/JDK 7, OpenJDK, JavaFX, tools, and more. Commitments on features, timelines, product specifics, and deliverables. The message to the industry and the Java community is clear: We are serious about Java.
  • Amy Fowler: A Heartfelt Ramble on Swing & JavaFX - At last night’s JavaOne JDK BOF, the question was posed, “What are the JDK plans for Swing?” Mark Reinhold noticed me skulking in the audience and bounced the question: “Aim?”. Caught a bit off guard, I answered a pat “it’s still there and it isn’t going anywhere”. The poser of the question stormed out (I don’t blame him), as that wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear, so I’d like to elaborate.
  • Hudson Labs: Live Blog: John Smart demos advanced Hudson usage - Editor's Note: This is a very rough set of notes from John Ferguson Smart's presentation at JavaOne 2010. Unlike Kohsuke's presentation, John spent a lot of time in demos which made live-blogging a bit difficult.
  • Jim Weaver: ava Champion Jim Weaver Announces Winner of the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge at JavaOne - In October of 2009, Java Champion Jim Weaver announced the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge, which was intended to "Create an application in JavaFX that exemplifies the appearance and behavior of a next-generation enterprise RIA (rich internet application)". Weaver is announcing the winner in each of his JavaOne 2010 sessions. And the winner is.......... Abhilshit Soni, a 24 year old Software Engineer living in Mumbai, India...
  • JCP Program Office: Join the JCP at JavaOne - We are in the middle of JavaOne, Day 2 of the JavaOne conference. If you are attending in San Francisco, please join us at one of the BoF sessions running concurrently tonight. Birds Of a Feather (BOF) Sessions...
  • Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart: Report from GlassFish Community Event and Party - Yesterday was our GlassFish Community Event, at Moscone South, and the Party, at The Thirsty Bear. I think both worked very well. The Community Event (Unconference+BOF hybrid) was first at 2:30. We didn't take attendance, but the room was set up for 165 ppl and it was standing room only. Great audience, with most folks staying til when we shut things down to get ready for the OOW keynote, a bit before 5pm...

For more interesting JavaOne 2010 commentary, see the Blog Posts page, where you'll find a slew of interesting posts, some of which I'll be highlighting soon.

Java Today

Dustin Marx provides his observations on the JavaOne 2010 Opening Keynote:

I know that I'm completely biased, but I thought that tonight's JavaOne Opening Keynote was significantly more interesting than last night's Oracle OpenWorld Opening Keynote.  The first real day of JavaOne 2010 was great and this was a nice keynote to cap it off. Oracle Executive Vice President of Product Development Thomas Kurian had several guests cover demonstrations displaying Oracle's vision for Java in the enterprise, on mobile devices, on the web browser, and on the desktop.  Sun always seemed to announce grandiose visions at JavaOne and some (like Enterprise Java) seemed to work out better than others.  I'm hoping that Oracle is able to deliver on even a significant percentage of their announced plans.  If they are able to do so, Java will have a very bright future...

Lucas Jellema reports on JavaOne 2010 – Keynote by Thomas Kurian – Java Strategy and Directions:

JavaOne started this morning with the first many dozens sessions and the Java Pavilion & Exhibition hall. The official kick off so to speak took place tonight, with Thomas Kurian’s keynote, in which he unfolded Oracle’s plans for Java. He wants to make it abundantly clear how important Java is to Oracle, how important the unity of the community around Java is and how urgent it is for him (almost on a personal level) to see the Java platform and community regain momentum, after a period of FUD and near stand-still. His keynote contained a number of very concrete statements and plans that Oracle intends to execute. He did not necessarily say this out loud – but between the lines I clearly read that Sun had fantastic ideas but not necessarily the capacity (and at some point obviously the budget) to deliver on them and that Oracle intends to bring its ability to execute and deliver (see for example the acquisition and subsequent integration of BEA and others) to the table and get Java moving once more...

Stephen Colebourne talks about The Next Big JVM Language:

At JavaOne on Monday I spoke on the topic of "The Next Big JVM Language". My conclusion wasn't what I expected it to be when I started researching the topic. Read on to find my conclusion...

Stephen Chin posted JavaFX 2.0 (a.k.a. What Just Happened to JavaFX Script?):

There were some huge announcements at JavaOne today for the JavaFX platform. Overall I think the announcements show some very positive momentum for the future of JavaFX and rich client Java, but there were some casualties... In this blog I will cover the salient bits, but if you would like an opportunity to hear it directly from the JavaFX leadership team in a free event, we will be hosting a JavaFX 2.0 event with Richard Bair and Jai Suri at our next SvJugFX meeting.


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