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JavaOne 2010: So Much That's So Interesting!

Posted by editor on September 21, 2010 at 6:39 PM PDT

It seems like, overall, the reception for this year's JavaOne among attendees is quite positive and enthusiastic. I thought the new design, which separates more "corporate" type presentations from the purely developer-centric content would produce a more interesting and exciting JavaOne conference for developers. This indeed seems to be happening.

As editor, my problem is that there is simply too much interesting news for me to put it all on the front page. So, in this blog, I'll point you to a bunch of interesting stuff that has been written by JavaOne 2010 attendees who don't blog on

Here's a small subset of interesting JavaOne 2010 related posts (in no particular order):

  • Joseph Darcy: Project Coin at JavaOne 2010 - This morning and early afternoon Maurizio and I gave our JavaOne talk about Project Coin to a packed room; the slides for the talk are now available. The NetBeans demo of Coin support also went smoothly...
  • Markus Eisele: Day 5: Let's get the conference started - Being here for already five days, this was the first real conference day. And, to be honest, I am dead beaten after the last few days. So there were some sessions to attend, but the most obvious thing, we all were waiting for, was the JavaOne Keynote this evening...
  • Justin Kestelyn: Java Directions Keynote + OTN Night - Thomas Kurian has delivered his "Java Strategy & Directions" keynote, which I cannot summarize any better than Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Dustin Marx also has nice coverage here. We'll bring you keynote highlights on video when when have them. Didja miss OTN Night, with Apolo Anton Ohno in the house?
  • Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine: JavaOne 2010, 36 hours into it - This JavaOne started off with the GlassFish community event on Sunday (read more on TheAquarium). By all metrics I think this was a very successful event and certainly on the "I finally got to meet XYZ in person" metric (my favorite) it was the best one so far for me. The party after Larry's keynote (a little long and not what I had expected) was great too and it felt good to be back in a familiar place.
  • Terrence Barr: News Flash: JavaOne Keynote