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Polls: Java on the Desktop, and JavaOne

Posted by editor on September 24, 2010 at 1:37 PM PDT

Due primarily to JavaOne, the last poll, which asked "What's your view of Java on the desktop?" ran for 11 days instead of the standard one week period. I was quite busy during JavaOne, and people were continuing to vote and post comments to the poll, so I let it stay open.

The poll drew 578 votes, much more than most recent polls. And 7 interesting comments were posted. The final results were:

What's your view of Java on the desktop?

  • 15% (88 votes) - It's still alive and vibrant
  • 39% (224 votes) - It's suffering due to Sun/Oracle's mismanagement
  • 11% (65 votes) - It's down, but will rise again
  • 8% (44 votes) - It's become irrelevant due to smartphones, iPad, etc.
  • 16% (95 votes) - Java on the desktop is dead
  • 1% (8 votes) - Other
  • 9% (54 votes) - I don't know

New poll: JavaOne?

Our new poll asks Is JavaOne still the most important Java-centric conference? Voting will be open until a week from Monday (so we can get back onto our normal schedule of having a new poll every Monday).

Java Today

Adam Bien presents JavaOne 10 Afterglow - a List of Thoughts, Surprises and Back to Moscone:

1. At Sunday there was a NDA-Event :-) with Oracle product managers and engineers regarding strategy and positioning. You had the chance (after signing a auto-expiring NDA) to chat with product managers and engineeers. We got some insights why certain things are as they are. It turned out - it takes some time before the culture of both companies merges. 2. The conference started with well attended Glassfish Community Event...

On JavaLobby, Ian Skerrett writes about The New JavaOne; The New Java Community:

The first JavaOne, organized by Oracle is now finished. This was definitely a JavaOne very different from those of the past. In fact, I think it is symbolic of how Oracle will operate the Java community moving forward. Some observations from the new JavaOne...

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine comments on the JavaOne 2010 Technical Keynotes:

I don't really attend keynotes to learn something new (it's pretty much my job to know this stuff before). Rather, I try to sense how people react by following tweeter tags and by being in the room. This year's JavaOne Technical Keynote with Mark Reinhold, Roberto Chinnici, and Greg Bollella was no exception...

Dustin Marx summarizes the JavaOne 2010: Concurrency Grab Bag session:

The final session that I attended at JavaOne 2010 was the presentation "Concurrency Grab Bag: : More Gotchas, Tips, and Patterns for Practical Concurrency" by Sangjin Lee and Debashis Saha (not here today) of eBay. Despite what my schedule stated on Schedule Builder, this second instance of this session was held in Parc 55's Marketstreet rather than in Cyril Magnin II...


Our current poll asks Is JavaOne still the most important Java-centric conference? Voting will be open until a week from Monday.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham