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Take a Quiz to Win a Copy of Masoud Kalali's "GlassFish Security"

Posted by editor on September 29, 2010 at 10:03 AM PDT

Masoud Kalali is giving away three copies of his new book, GlassFish Security (published by Packt Publishing). To be among the winners, you have to successfully complete a five question quiz that's based on the content of Chapter 3 of the book, "Designing and Developing Secure Java EE Applications."

Masoud says he'll

"give away some copies of the book to 3 lucky winners who answered all 5 questions correctly. We will give away 1 paper copy to someone in USA or Europe and two e-books to any lucky winner either in those two continent or not. It wont take more than 2-3 minutes to answer the questions and you will get the chance to receive a copy of the book when I draw the winners on October 10th."

So, you've got less than two weeks to download Chapter 3, understand it, and take the quiz.

A final note: Masoud discovered that his quiz software has some problems with Firefox; he advises that you "please go with Google Chrome or Apple Safari."

Java Today

Terrence Barr announces LWUIT Webinar now available in archive:

Just wanted to let you know that the LWUIT webinar I did two weeks ago is now available in the archive for viewing...

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine presents javaOne 2010 : Java EE 6 Panel "What do we do now?" notes -

I was privileged to be moderating this year's Java EE panel at JavaOne (session 313278). We had a great list of panelists and a lively discussion. Here are my notes: Panelists...

Markus Eisele is Reviewing JavaONE, Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop:

A few days after being back in Germany I finally found the time to do a review about this years mega Oracle and Java event which happened from September 19-23 in San Francisco.
As always, I already found a couple of things, that did not work for me. But in general it was simply awesome.
First of all, there are the plain numbers, that are impressive...

Slim Ouertani posted Auditing JEE 6 Ear application:

Programming is easier when you did hello world application and use a
common best practice patterns. Yesterday, I audited an JEE 6 wab
application that has became too slowly day after day. Application is "very trivial"
at first view : 1. Persistence using oracle 10g data base. 2. Data access with JPA 2 entities and eclipselink provider. 3. Controller with stateless EJB 3.1 and no interface design. 4. The famous Wicket framework view layer. All the application is an ear deployed inside glassfish V3 container
using JTA and data source facilities...


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