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Java User Groups: Resources on and Elsewhere

Posted by editor on October 8, 2010 at 7:47 PM PDT

I spent much of today looking at resources that are available to Java User Groups on and elsewhere. It seems to me that, while the major Java-related conferences (like JavaOne and DEVOXX) are very significant, a lot of the background activity that makes these conferences significant happens within the global network of Java User Groups. JUGs are a "grass-roots" network of developers who are deeply interested in Java and JVM technologies. Almost everything that is discussed at the major conferences has been discussed at many different JUG meetings.

On, JUGs have a major presence. We have both a Java User Groups Community and a JUGs project. The JUGs project features a Google Map that highlights world-wide Java User Groups.

Using the map, you can click on an individual JUG and get information about that user group. For example, I clicked on the Wellington, New Zealand bubble, and found a link to the Wellington Java User Group site.

Another interesting page is the Java User Groups Projects page, which provides links to the 600 or so JUGs that are registered on One might be near you!

The JUG Events page provides links to upcoming JUG-related events. If your JUG wants to further publicize your upcoming events, this is a great place for doing so. also provides JUG wikis. These provide another opportunity for JUGs to publicize their information and engage with their communities.

I intend to increase our coverage of JUGs and JUG resources in the coming months. My plans include interviews (email, phone, IM, whatever works) with JUG members and leaders. Contact me if you've got JUG news you'd like publicized on, or if you're a JUG member and you'd like to talk about your JUG's activity, history, the role of JUGs in your community, etc.

Java Today

Mario Torre comments on Java One 2010:

I finally found some little time to blog about this JavaOne, despite the million things I have to do daily... The overall experience was incredible, I meet some good old friends and some cool new guys. I finally had the opportunity to meet Chris Campbell, our paths have crossed for quite some time, but we never had a chance to meet personally...

Dan T posted Hadoop Lab Now Available:

I was really surprised at the turn-out for JavaOne this year. Judging by the packed halls and empty goodie carts, I think the conference organizers were a little surprised as well. Excellent! Well done. As you may have noticed, I always seem to have my fingers in the JavaOne hands-on labs pie. This year my contribution was to bring Cloudera into the fold to run a Hadoop lab...

Markus Eisele presents a book Review "Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server" by David Heffelfinger (PACKT Publishing):

Packt Publishing was so kind, sending me their latest Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 book for a detailed review.After a couple of weeks delay (work, J1 and more) I finally completed my review and here are the results from the German jury ;) ...

Hudson Labs announces the upcoming Hudson User meetup in Tokyo:

I'm traveling to Tokyo in November, so I am taking this opportunity to host a Hudson user meetup in Tokyo. The event will be held Nov 12th 19:00, the location is to be determined. Please RSVP from here, and more information and updates will be posted here...


Our latest Spotlight is the JCP's announcement, Now OPEN -- Nominations for EC seats:

It is Election time again...the JCP program Executive Committee (EC) Elections are officially here. Every year five seats on each EC are open for election (ratified and nominated)...

We're also featuring Oracle Technology Network Live - Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Oracle Develop Edition, posted by the JavaOne Conference Blog:

During Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Oracle Develop the Oracle Technology Network team conducted three days of live interviews.Oracle Technology Network's Justin Kestelyn, Rick Ramsey, Tori Wieldt, Bob Rhubart, Sonya Barry and Yolande Poirier hosted dozens of community experts on the latest news and buzz.To see the replay go here! ...


Our current poll asks Free Java? Closed Java? Evolving JCP? What's the Most Likely Path? Voting will be open until Monday.

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-- Kevin Farnham
Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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